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Cutting laid tiles - All methods

Cutting tiles that have already been laid - instructions with tips & tricks

Difficulty: Easy - Medium | Costs: approx. 35 euros | Workload: approx. 30 minutes.

We often face the problem of wanting to cut or remove a faulty tile . Since the tiles have already been laid in the wall or floor area, we have to use the angle grinder with a diamond disc .

Table of contents

1. Various examples where laid tiles or tiles on the wall need to be cut:

  • Cutting an already installed floor tile to repair a defect

  • Cutting an already laid tile on the wall to remove an overhang

  • To cut / remove glued tiles, for example to lay an electric cable

  • Cutting tiles on a bathtub to fix a burst water pipe.

2. What are the first steps to removing or cutting the already laid tile?

You should be aware that there is a possibility of permanently damaging the tile. You should already have a replacement for this in case of an emergency.

Make sure the tile is laid using the thin bed or thick bed method . Tiles that have been applied using the thick bed method cannot be removed or cut without being damaged.

2.1 Can the tile be removed without cutting it?

Guide_Cut already laid tiles _ application image _ try to remove the tile without cutting

There is a medium chance of removing a tile without having to cut it. With tiles that were installed a long time ago, this probability increases.

Tile cutting disc when flexing tiles

2.2 How to proceed:

  1. Carefully remove tile joints with the appropriate tool

  2. Check whether the tile has already loosened sufficiently

  3. Use a tile remover mixture to weaken the binding effect

  4. If necessary, heat the tile joints very strongly (recommended only for the appropriate tile thickness)

If this is unsuccessful, you will have to cut the tile.

3. How do you cut tiles that have already been laid?

Guide_Cut tiles that have already been laid _ Application image _ try to remove the tile without cutting _ Application image for tiles that have already been laid

You should have basic crafting skills. Due to the limited options, this task is only possible with an angle grinder and a corresponding diamond cutting disc for tiles .

Tile cutting disc 125 mm for the angle grinder. Ideal for flexing tiles

Note that the diamond blade is designed for the particular tile material. We carry diamond cutting discs for glass, mosaic, ceramic, soft & hard and fine stoneware tiles. Here you get an overview of all tile cutting discs.

3.1 Step-by-step instructions for cutting tiles that have already been laid:

  1. Remove dirt from tiles and tile joints

  2. Mount the diamond cutting disc on the angle grinder

  3. Decide whether you want to cut the tile from the inside out or along the tile joints. Joint cutting is only recommended for a certain joint thickness.

  4. Let the diamond cutting disc carefully dip into the tile and check visually whether it has already cut through the tile

  5. If an X-cut isn't enough, you can place more cuts from the center outwards.

  6. Carefully loosen the remaining pieces of tile from the inside out with a tile grout

Make sure you haven't caused massive damage. If the cuts are too deep and reach into the screed, etc., they should be reworked.

3.2 How to cut laid tiles without dust ?

Tiles that have already been laid can be cut without dust. However, this is only possible with an angle grinder, a 125 mm tile diamond cutting disc and a suitable extraction hood for cutting discs.

The extraction hood is attached to the angle grinder and connected to a vacuum cleaner. Then you can mount the tile cutting disc . Now you can cut your already laid tiles without raising dust.

4. How to cut tiles on the wall?

Guide_Cut tiles that have already been laid _ Application image _ Cut tiles on the wall

If you want to cut tiles that have already been laid on the wall, follow the steps above. In order to be able to cut overhangs on tiles that are attached to the wall, you must follow the steps below.

Ultimately, this project is about removing excess material from an improperly placed tile. Conversely, recesses can also be considered.

4.1 Step by step instructions for cutting tiles on the wall:

  1. Clean affected area

  2. Mount the 125 mm diamond cutting disc for tiles on the angle grinder

  3. Mark the affected area precisely

  4. Dip in carefully with the diamond cutting disc

  5. It may make sense to cut some over the excellent edge and grind down the rest with an inexpensive diamond abrasive . This way you work more precisely and cleanly.

If the tile is damaged, we recommend removing it as described above and installing a new tile. Make sure to measure the tile before you put it on.

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