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Cut paving slabs yourself! That's how it's done

Craftsman cutting paving slabs with a table saw and stone cutting disc

Cutting paving slabs is not difficult - we will show you how to do it and which tools or machines you need.

Difficulty: Medium | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 15 minutes per panel

Cutting paving slabs is not a particularly difficult task and can be done by anyone with a little manual skill.

What do paving slabs need to be cut for?

Cutting paving slabs is an important task to achieve precise fits and clean edges when laying paving slabs.

In this article you will learn all about the tools and machines needed to professionally and safely cut or halve paving slabs.

Concrete cutting disc when cutting paving slabs out of concrete

We show you:

  1. What machines and tools you need to cut paving slabs

  2. A practical step-by-step guide to cutting with the angle grinder and table saw

  3. Additional tips and tricks

Table of contents

What machines and tools do I need to cut paving slabs?
Cost of cutting paving slabs
Instructions: Cut paving slabs with the angle grinder

Instructions for cutting paving slabs with the cutting table

When, where and why do I cut paving slabs?

Craftsmen cutting paving slabs with a large flex

Paving slabs are mainly used for garden paths and in community gardens. They are bought or supplied in one size and can be relocated as you wish.

Paving slabs laid in the garden as a garden path

Paving slabs most often have to be cut to size in the edge area. Depending on the laying pattern, these must then be shortened straight or diagonally.

What machines and tools do I need to cut paving slabs?

You usually need:

  1. A diamond blade for stone, concrete or general purpose applications

  2. An angle grinder, a large flex or a separator

  3. For a few cuts, we recommend the angle grinder

  4. If you have a large project where you need to cut more than 50 yards, you should definitely use a ripper or a table saw. You can borrow these from the hardware store of your choice.

Cost of cutting paving slabs

Using the tools and machines mentioned above, we would like to show you again which costs you can face in different scenarios.

You can use the table to compile the costs individually according to the equipment of your tools and machines.

tool and machine Costs
angle grinder from €19.95 at Idealo
Borrow Separation Chaser from €246 at Obi
Borrow a table saw from 60.90 at Obi
(Use of target incl.)
Stone and concrete cutting wheel
125 mm for the angle grinder
from €14.90 in our

Produktbild Diamond disc for stone and concrete for cutting paving slabs with the angle grinder

Instructions: Cut and halve sidewalk slabs with the angle grinder

Craftsmen cutting paving slabs with the angle grinder

    1. Step: Place paving slabs within reach

    2. Step 1: Mark the cut edge with chalk, a pen or a scratch pen.

    3. Step: When cutting paving slabs, the diamond cutting disc must not reach into the subsoil. It is best if you let your plate protrude slightly on a trestle.

      When cutting with the angle grinder, leave the paving slab slightly overhanging if possible to prevent cutting into the underlying material with the diamond saw blade

    4. Step: Dive into the edge area of ​​the paving slab with your cutting disc. Be sure to cut cleanly and carefully along the marked cutting line without putting much pressure on the tool.

    5. Step: If necessary, you can repeat this process. In the most common cases, the diamond cutting disc will not be able to completely cut through the paving slab the first time.

Our tip for you: If the cutting depth is not sufficient, you can turn the panel over and cut again on the other side.

Protect yourself from dust when cutting paving slabs

When cutting stone and concrete elements, please always ensure that you protect yourself as best as possible from the resulting construction dust. We have written a complete guide for this.

Summary tips from the guide:

  • Spray paving slab with water before cutting. This prevents a large expansion of the dust.
  • Using a cutting-off wheel dust extractor
  • It is best to always wear a respirator. At least FFP2


Instructions for cutting paving slabs with the cutting table

  1. Step 1: Mark the cut edge with a non-washable pen or, ideally, score it.

  2. Step: Connect water connection and ensure water supply if required.

  3. Step: stone or concrete diamond cutting disc

  4. Step 1: Put on protective gear

  5. Step 1: Start the cutting table and push the paving slabs forward with light pressure

  6. Step: Slowly cut the paving slabs

  7. Step: Repeat this process until all panels are cut

    Paving slabs sand after cutting

    For a final touch, you can sand down the paving slabs. This ensures a nicer and better overall picture in your garden.

    It is best to use a 125 mm diamond cup wheel for the angle grinder for this.

    Diamond cup wheel for grinding concrete pavement slabs with the angle grinder

    If you have any further questions, we are happy to help you. We've also created other cutting guides.

    If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions for improvement on the guide to cutting paving slabs, we would be very happy to receive a comment!

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