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Cutting aerated concrete & Ytong stones - All methods

Cut or saw Ytong stones? A guide with all methods, machines and tools

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 10 minutes per stone

Craftsmen laying Ytong stones

Table of contents

Cutting Ytong is not a difficult task. The stone made of aerated concrete is much less difficult to cut than a conventional concrete block.

Aerated concrete and Ytong bricks are popular building materials when constructing a building.

1. What are the advantages of Ytong and AAC bricks?

  • Lightweight - Compared to traditional concrete blocks

  • Comparable stability despite the different weight

  • Has proven itself through heat and sound protection as well as insulating properties

The Ytong stone can be used in almost all areas of house construction. However, it is very popular in the construction of ceilings and walls as well as in all interiors.

As many advantages the Ytong (aerated concrete) stone also brings with it. Like all other building materials, it has to be cut to size in certain situations.

2. Common examples of Ytong cutting from practice:

  • Laying of pipes and wires. Either the aerated concrete stone has to be cut completely or only grooves have to be milled

  • Cutouts for windows and doors

  • Openings for subsequent installations of stairs or the like

Ytong cutting cutout for window

Ytong stones can be cut to size using a number of different tools due to their porosity. This is a clear advantage compared to normal concrete blocks, which may even have to be cut with an expensive wall concrete saw.

3. The right choice of tools and machines for cutting Ytong stones

A table saw with a diamond cutting disc for stones in action

It goes without saying that whatever tool or machine you already own is your best bet for cutting AAC blocks.

Since the aerated concrete is relatively easy to cut, I'm sure you already have a tool at home to cut it with. The following are eligible:

  • Foxtail saw - by hand, very complex

  • Jigsaw - A special blade is usually used. However, you can try it with a HM saw blade

  • Angle grinder with diamond disc - Use an old diamond cutting disc, for example for tiles or concrete for the cut. But only if you don't value 100% clean cut edges.

    Produktbild Stone cutting disc 230 mm

  • A saber saw - Is also quite suitable for cutting Ytong stones

How do I choose the right Ytong cut type for straight, bevel or round cuts?

One way in which we can better narrow down the wide range of machines and tools is to look at the desired cutting direction.

3.1 In general, it is like this:

The angle grinder and a suitable diamond cutting disc for cutting Ytong stone is the only way to bring the Ytong stone into any desired shape.

For example:

  • Cut Ytong round
  • Cut Ytong diagonally
  • Sawing recesses in concrete
  • Ytong in interaction with other materials that are in front of or behind.

Therefore, you can make better decisions with this information.

For straight cuts you choose the machine of your choice and for “other cut shapes” you choose the angle grinder from small to large.

4. Instructions for cutting Ytong stones

  1. Mark your raw edge

  2. Check whether your saw blade / cutting disc can dive deep enough into the material

  3. If the Ytong stone is not already installed, you can place it on a non-slip surface

  4. make cut

  5. Check edges and, if necessary, rework with a diamond cup wheel

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