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Granit bohren - Blog Post Vorschaubild. Auf dem Bild ist ein Bohrloch nach dem Granit bohren zu sehen.

Drilling granite with a diamond drill bit - instructions

Drilling granite is not particularly difficult. However, you need to have the right instructions, the right machine, and a good diamond drill bit for granite on hand.

Difficulty: Medium | Costs: approx. from 15 minutes | Workload: approx. 30 minutes

A diamond drill is a drill bit with a small or large diameter. These special tools are popular for quick drilling of hardened tiles and all types of rock .

Table of contents

Banner image of a diamond drill bit drilling granite with a cordless screwdriver

1. What makes the diamond drill bit the perfect drill bit for granite stone?

According to MOHS, granite has a scratch hardness of 6-8. Diamond drills have a scratch hardness of 9. As a rule, they are used to drill hardened tiles such as fine stoneware, which, depending on the composition, has a scratch hardness of 7-9.

Degree of hardness according to MOHS material
scratch hardness 1 Talc: Soapstone
scratch hardness 2 Gypsum: alabaster
scratch hardness 3 Calcite, calcite: sandstone
scratch hardness 4 hard limestone
scratch hardness 5
scratch hardness 6 feldspar
scratch hardness 7 quartz, granite
scratch hardness 8
scratch hardness 9 corundum
scratch hardness 10 diamond

Diamond tile drills are therefore physically able to drill granite according to Mohs' theory.

We can only confirm this from our practical experience. They are not able to drill the granite as if by magic, are a much better alternative compared to carbide drills.

2. What tools do I need to drill granite with a diamond drill bit?

That depends on the required drill hole diameter.

Tips: You can also drill granite tiles and granite slabs with the diamond granite drill bit . Please note that it is not necessarily designed for concrete.

Guide: Drilling tiles banner image

3. Now we go straight to work and look at how you can drill granite with the diamond core bits .

TIP: Although the diamond drill bit for granite is slightly more expensive than a traditional high-quality rock drill bit, it will drill any piece of granite, no matter how hard. You always get a clean, precise and tear-free drilling result.

  1. Choosing the right diamond granite drill bit: Please make sure that the granite drill bit corresponds to the diameter of your drill hole and fits the most suitable machine for you.

  2. Mark the desired drill hole correctly: Transfer the drill hole to be created cleanly onto the granite surface. It is best to use a washable pen/marker for this.

  3. Securing granite: Please make sure that the granite is properly aligned and also fastened if necessary.

    When drilling granite with a diamond drill bit, no great forces are generated, but we want to be on the safe side.

  4. We have extensively described the correct use of a diamond drill bit in this " Tile Drilling Guide " (for Flex and drill).

    In summary, you attach the diamond drill correctly to your machine and ideally you can drill the drill hole easily. Then set up the diamond drill at a 45 degree angle. You start with a low speed and can slowly increase it as soon as the drill has caught. As soon as the first mm are done, you can bring the drill up to the appropriate speed.

  5. You don't need any additional coolant or water because the diamond drill bit is designed for dry drilling.

  6. Worth knowing: The diamond drill does not actually drill the granite, but grinds or "cuts" it off piece by piece.

  7. In order to increase the service life of the diamond drill, you can take breaks from time to time and use them by sucking off the drill dust that is produced.

  8. Please don't use a hammer to make holes in granite.

A diamond drill for granite is available from €18.90 and ensures you a clean and beautiful result when drilling granite.

Conclusion - Drilling granite with a diamond bit is not difficult

As you can see, drilling granite is not that difficult if you have the right machines and tools. We would be happy to help you choose the right diamond drill bit for granite.

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