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Set the correct speed for tile cutting flex

Tiler laying tiles with a 125 mm diamond cutting disc from iynx Tools

When cutting tiles Flex, it is particularly advisable to pay attention to the correct speed.

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: approx. 0 euros | Workload: approx. 5 minutes

Adjusting the Flex speed correctly when cutting tiles is not a problem. If you know where to find this information. We give you our standard recommendation and show you where you can find the information for your cutting disc .

Table of contents

Our standard recommended speeds for diamond cutting discs when cutting Flex Tiles

Standard speeds are recommendations on our part. Depending on the diamond disc , these can be sufficient for very good or rather normal results. In any case, you should adjust the speed as soon as you notice that it is not cutting as desired.

diameter tiles
Flex disc
Recommended RPM
for tile cutting discs
Flex and larger
115mm 13,600 rpm
12,000 rpm
150mm 10,200 rpm
180mm 8,500 rpm
200mm 7,650. rpm
230mm 6,800 rpm
250mm 6,150 rpm
300mm 6,370 rpm
350mm 5,500 rpm
400mm 4,800 rpm

Cutting tiles Flex - speed information can be found on the diamond blade

Every good diamond cutting disc has an imprint on the front side with information on the correct number of revolutions.

Tile cutting Flex find speed and correct settings - graphic that shows how and where to find the number of revolutions

Alternatively, the speed of the tile cutting disc could be printed on the packaging.

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