Collection: Buy a diamond drill set

Professional diamond tile drill sets for angle grinders: diamond drill sets (6 mm - 14 mm) and tile drill bit sets.

Tile drill sets from iynx Tools

With our practical tile drill sets, you not only save money, but you can also transport them safely from construction site to construction site.

Diamond drill set for the cordless screwdriver

Our diamond tile drill bits for the cordless screwdriver form a solid basis for your tile work. When building or renovating a bathroom, an average of 70 drill holes have to be drilled.

  • With our diamond tile drill set you can drill up to 100 holes in hard tiles.
  • The set contains different diameters suitable for drilling holes for mirrors, toilet paper holders and toothbrush cups.
Diamantbohrer Set HEX

Tile drill bit set for tilers

A drill bit set for tiles is an indispensable tool for every tiler.

These large diamond drill bits allow you to drill large holes in tiles. Equipped with a universal M14 mount, they fit any angle grinder from Bosch, Würth and Hilti.

Diamantbohrer Set Winkelschleifer
Keramikbohrer Anleitung

Profi Diamantbohrer Set direkt vom Hersteller.

  • Hochwertige 10 mm Diamant Segmente
  • Präzise Verarbeitung für minimale Ausbruchgefahr
  • Winkelschleifer oder Bohrmaschine Aufnahme
  • Diamantbohrer passen auf alle Fabrikate
  • Teilweise mit integriertem Kühlwachs
  • Lange Standzeit für kosteneffizientes Bohren

Verlassen Sie sich auf die Qualität von iynx Tools! Mit diesen Bohrern sind sie in der Lage Marmor, Feinsteinzeug, Naturstein, Granit uvm. zu bohren. Sprechen Sie uns an, wir beraten Sie gerne.

FAQ tile drill set

Is it worth buying a tile drill set?

Yes, buying a tile drill set is very beneficial. You can save up to 35% compared to buying them individually.

What types of tile drills can I purchase in a set?

We also offer all of our tile drill types in sets. This includes:

  • Carbide tile drill
  • Diamond drill for tiles
  • tile drill bits

Is there a tile drill set for craftsmen?

Craftsmen, especially tilers or plumbers, who often use tile drills, often need larger diameters for waste water pipes, pipe connections and sockets. For these requirements we offer a 9-piece tile drill bit set.