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Collection: Diamond discs for flex & angle grinders

Flex diamond discs with 115 mm, 125 mm or 230 mm with diamond segment for flexing tiles, concrete or stone.

125 mm diamond blade for flex in use

Flex diamond blades FAQ

What diameter does a diamond blade need to have to fit on a flex?

As standard, diamond discs for flex machines and angle grinders in general must have a diameter of 115 mm or 125 mm. However, there are also "large flex" models that use discs with a diameter of 230 mm.

Which diamond blades for the Flex do you offer?

Our product range is particularly diverse in the field of flex and angle grinders. We offer a range of diamond blades for cutting

  • concrete
  • Stone
  • granite
  • tiles and fine stoneware.

Overview of diamond blades for flex

iynx Tools manufactures high quality diamond blades designed to cut the most important materials and building materials.

Diamanttrennscheiben nebeneinander aufgestellt

115 mm diamond blades for flex

The 115mm diameter is one of the most popular for diamond blades used on a flex machine.

This disc diameter is used somewhat more frequently in southern Europe and is particularly popular with tilers for all types of tiling work.

125 mm diamond blade for flex

The diameter of 125 mm for diamond blades is almost identical to that of 115 mm. It is the most commonly used diameter for general construction work. The advantage lies in the slightly increased cutting depth of half a centimeter per side.

Diamanttrennscheibe montiert auf einem Trennjäger mit 25,4 mm Aufnahme und 300 mm Scheiben Durchmesser beim Schneiden von Betonplatten

Diamond disc flex 230 mm

At 230mm in diameter, this diamond disc is the third most popular for flex machines.

Due to the significantly increased cutting depth, this diameter represents an ideal alternative to expensive table saws or cutting tools.

The large Flex delivers enough power to cut particularly thick construction site material such as concrete, stones and concrete slabs.