Collection: Flex tile drill & angle grinder

Diamond tile drill for the angle grinder and the Flex machine with an M14 universal mount.

Tile drill bits for angle grinders and flex machines

Wenn es darum geht große Bohrlöcher in harte Fliesen zu bohren, kommt nur ein Fliesen Loch bohrer mit einem großen Durchmesser infrage.

Diamond tile drill for the angle grinder

Tile drills for Flex machines are only available with a diamond segment. They are among the most popular drill bits for hard tiles in trades. Thanks to the large selection of diameters from 5 mm to 130 mm, they offer a wide range of applications.

Most often they are used for precise drilling of small and large holes:

Tile drill bits for the angle grinder

Tile drill bits are particularly large tile drill bits for the angle grinder. They are characterized by a large opening between the diamond segments.

A large tile drill for the angle grinder is the only drilling tool that is able to drill particularly large holes in tiles.

Fliesenbohrer Flex - Einsatzgebiete

Alternative to angle grinder tile drill bits

Tile drills for the angle grinder are not the right drilling tool for everyone.

Do-it-yourselfers in particular often do not have the necessary experience to drill with a flex machine.

The best DIY alternative is a tile drill bit for the power drill .