Insert the diamond cutting disc correctly

The correct use of a diamond cutting disc

The diamond disc is a highly efficient tool.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it correctly.
We would like to teach you in a few steps how to use the tool correctly the next time.

Craftsman explains how to use a diamond cutting disc correctly

You have to keep this in mind when using a diamond cutting disc

You can read through these points step by step and then implement them:

1. Note the direction of rotation - There are directional arrows on every diamond cutting disc that show you in which direction the cutting disc should rotate.

Observe the direction of rotation of the diamond cutting disc for correct use

2. Use diamond segment for the suitable material - The Iynx Tools diamond discs are to be used according to material groups. There are very specific areas of application for which the respective diamond segment is designed and optimized.

This does not mean that the tool can only be used for this material group. However, in other materials (as marked) it can lead to noticeably poorer cutting results.

3. Overheating - When cutting hard materials such as concrete and stone, make sure the blade cools down properly. Either by adding water or taking regular breaks.

Overheating leads to premature wear of the diamond segments. You can recognize this by a bluish discoloration.

4. Place and clamp material correctly - Make sure to attach your material for the desired cut in such a way that it cannot slip.