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Diamond drill 10 mm - diamond tile drill long

Diamond drill 10 mm - diamond tile drill long

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  • For cordless screwdrivers
  • For angle grinders
  • For every hard tile

Frequently asked questions - Diamond drill 10 mm - diamond tile drill long

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Diamond drill bit with a diameter of 10 mm - drill holes in tiles without problems and tear-outs

The 10mm long diamond tile drill bit offers outstanding performance and durability, making it the perfect choice for drilling hard tiles (porcelain, marble) and patio slabs (granite, concrete, stone).

With its high diamond grit concentration and the 10 mm long segment, it guarantees a longer service life and consistently good results, even with many holes.

Our tip: Although the 10mm diamond bit is slightly more expensive than a carbide tile bit, it offers the lowest cost per hole in hard tiles - an average of 55% less.

Flexibility and versatility of the 10 mm diamond drill bit

This versatile diamond drill bit is suitable for both dry and wet drilling and can be used on various machines such as drills or angle grinders, depending on the holder. Thanks to the integrated coolant with a diameter of 10 mm, additional cooling during drilling is unnecessary and makes work easier.

Perfect for assembling bathroom and kitchen furniture

With the long diamond tile drill bit with a diameter of 10 mm, you can easily drill holes in hard tiles to:

  • towel rail
  • shower screens
  • Mirror
  • to install hanging cabinets.

The self-sharpening properties of the drill enable precise and clean drilling, which will help you with your assembly work.

Optimum speeds for first-class drilling results in tiles - our recommendation for diamond drill bits

In order to get the best results with the 10mm diamond tile bit, it is important to follow the recommended speeds for the particular machine.

  • The recommended speed for angle grinders is up to 11,000 rpm
  • the drill has a recommended speed of up to 3,000 rpm.

Adhering to these speeds ensures efficient work and a longer service life of the drill.

Professional quality compared to hardware store products

The 10 mm diamond tile drill for hard tiles is an absolute professional product and surpasses the products available in hardware stores in terms of quality and performance. Rely on the highest quality and trust our diamond tile drill bit for precise and clean drilling in demanding materials.

Important! The 10 mm diamond drill is not suitable for all materials

Please note that while the 10mm diamond tile bit is excellent for hard tiles and patio slabs, it should not be used on the underlying building material as this may reduce service life.

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Product Information Diamond drill 10 mm - diamond tile drill long

Technical details & areas of application

Diameter: 10mm
Recording: M14 or HEX
Machinery: Angle grinder, drill
Application: All kinds of tiles, ceramics,
in particular
Granite, marble, porcelain stoneware
Segment type: diamond segment
segment height: 10 mm professional quality
Recommended RPM
angle grinder
up to 11,000 rpm
Recommended RPM
drilling machine
up to 3,000 rpm


How To: Fliesen bohren mit 10 mm Diamantbohrer

  1. Zeichne das gewünschte Bohrloch mit einem Zirkel an.
  2. Diamantbohrer für Fliesen auf dem Winkelschleifer montieren.
  3. Im 45-Grad-Winkel an der Fliese ansetzen - Platziere die Bohrkrone schräg an der untersten Stelle der Markierung.
  4. Schaffe während der Schräglage eine leichte Kerbe in der der Diamantbohrer sich "fassen" kann.
  5. Bohrmaschine oder Winkelschleifer senkrecht aufstellen und durch die Fliese bohren.
  6. Führe pendelnde Bewegungen für einen gleichmäßigen Bohrfortschritt aus.

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