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Create a garden path - do it yourself with the right planning

Planning and implementing a garden path yourself can be an exciting challenge.

With the right preparation, patient work and a little manual skill, costs can be saved and the path to a personal creation can be made.

Create a garden path yourself with beautiful plants made of concrete slabs

In this article you will receive tips for the optimal planning and execution of your own garden path project.

The ultimate summary of creating a garden path in your own home

Method 1 - garden path without substructure

Create a garden path without a substructure

For a garden path without a substructure:

  • Only a few materials are suitable
  • Danger of settlement and damage
  • Pay attention to weed problems

Method 2 - create a garden path cheaply

Create a garden path inexpensively, two variants with gravel or bark mulch

Saving tips for the garden path:

  • Cheap or used materials
  • Simple construction and design
  • Do it yourself instead of hiring
  • Avoid accessories

Indispensable - calculate the material requirements for a garden path

Create a list of materials before making the garden path yourself

  • Measure accurately
  • Plan all materials
  • Make realistic assumptions
  • Rather too much than too little

Select garden path design

Select design options when creating a sidewalk - slope, lighting and planting

A garden path can be designed in different ways. The most popular methods are:

  • Modern
  • Easy-care
  • swinging
  • hillside
  • lighting
  • planting

Preparation before creating the garden path yourself

Preparation of the lawn area with various tools in front of the garden path

1. Select suitable materials

Depending on the look, use and budget:

Buy stone cutting disc for garden path processing

2. Use the right tools

Important for easy processing:

Step by step to the finished garden path

Garden path step by step instructions

Patience and diligence with:

  • Excavation and subsoil preparation
  • Laying and securing the edges
  • Permanent installation of the covering
  • Optimal grouting or filling of joints

Schedule professional help sensibly

Especially for:

  • calculation and planning
  • Professional machine work
  • Professional laying of complicated materials

Care and Maintenance


  • Clean, remove leaves/weeds
  • Check for damage
  • Repairs and renewals as needed

Make a cost overview for the garden path yourself

Garden path in own contribution from approx. 15-20 € per m2. Depending on the material and effort.

Cost overview of the individual items

position gravel bark mulch stepping stones Pavement Wood natural stone
material 20-50 €/m2 5-15 €/m2 15-50 €/m2 40-60 €/m2 60-120 €/m2 80-150 €/m2
substructure 10-30 €/m2 5-15 €/m2 - 20-40 €/m2 20-40 €/m2 30-60 €/m2
Tool €50-150 20-50€ 20-50€ €50-150 €50-200 €50-200
laying 10-20 €/m2 5-10 €/m2 10-20 €/m2 20-40 €/m2 20-40 €/m2 30-60 €/m2
In total 40-100 €/m2 15-35 €/m2 20-80 €/m2 80-150 €/m2 100-250 €/m2 150-300 €/m2

Conclusion - Laying out a garden path yourself is the most cost-effective option.

With good planning, patience and the help of professionals with tricky work, even a garden path project can be successful on your own and save costs.

I hope these tips make it easier for you to create your own dream garden path.

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