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Heimwerker schneidet große Terrassenplatten aus 2 cm Feinsteinzeug mit dem Winkelschleifer und einer Fliesen Trennscheibe

Cut 2 cm porcelain stoneware or ceramic terrace slabs

Porcelain stoneware terrace slabs with a material thickness of 2 cm: cut correctly

Difficulty: Easy-Medium| Costs: approx. 20-50 euros | Workload: approx. 1.5 h

Porcelain stoneware, natural stone, concrete or ceramic terrace slabs are an important part of the outdoor area of ​​many houses. However, these plates are not always available in the desired size.

The patio slabs need to be cut and sized in order to lay them in the desired shape.

Terrace tiles cut banner image

Terrace tiles are usually only cut outdoors in order to be able to adapt them to the desired area.

Not every machine and every tool is designed to cut 2cm thick terrace slabs made of hard material such as porcelain stoneware.

In this article, we will show you how to correctly cut patio slabs made of porcelain stoneware, granite or ceramic with a material thickness of 2 cm.

Table of contents

1. Identify the material the patio slab is made of

You absolutely have to know exactly which material you have to cut.

This information is absolutely necessary in order to be able to select the right diamond cutting disc .

These are usually designed for a specific group of materials such as fine stoneware, granite or natural stone.

2. Cut terrace slabs with an angle grinder

Buy a tile cutting disc for cutting fine stoneware and tiles

The angle grinder is a practical alternative to the tile cutter. In contrast to the tile cutter, this is able to cut any thickness and hard terrace slab. However, it is important that you are particularly careful when choosing the cutting disc.

For patio slabs made of porcelain stoneware, you should use a high-quality diamond cutting disc .

Note that cutting without a guide bar takes practice, especially with long edges and straight cuts.

The angle grinder is best suited for making smaller cuts and curves in patio tiles.

Craftsman cutting 2cm thick patio slabs with an angle grinder and a diamond cutting disc

In contrast to the tile cutter, the angle grinder does not have a suitable guide for cutting.

The surface should be chosen so that it does not cause major damage and the patio tiles can be fixed well.

iynx Tools Tip: The formation of dust can be significantly reduced by moistening the terrace tiles beforehand.

Other helpful guides:

Guide Cutting tiles with the angle grinder (Flex)

3. Calculate decking needs before cutting

Before cutting the slabs, you should think about your general needs and come up with a laying pattern.

Terrace slabs requirement calculator image

4. Step-by-step instructions for cutting 2cm terrace slabs with an angle grinder (flex)

  1. Step: Wet the patio slab. This prevents a very high level of dust formation.

  2. Step 1: Measure the desired length and mark the interface with a washable pen.

  3. Step: Place the terrace slab on a suitable base and fix it.

  4. Step 1: Cut the patio slab along the marking with the angle grinder.

With these instructions and a careful approach, you can easily cut patio slabs with an angle grinder.

If you are unsure or have no experience with an angle grinder, it is better to have the cutting of patio tiles done by a professional.

Diamond cutting disc 125 mm for the angle grinder to cut porcelain stoneware and ceramic terrace slabs

5. Tools and materials for cutting patio tiles with the tile cutting table

Cut 2cm patio slab with the table saw - banner image. Do-it-yourselfer has set up a table saw in the garden for cutting patio tiles with a porcelain stoneware diamond cutting disc

5.1 These tools and machines are required:

  1. A tile cutting table - Can be rented cheaply from a hardware store or specialist tile shop

  2. A water connection

  3. safety goggles

  4. ear protection

  5. Wet-cut cutting disc for terrace slabs made of tiles, fine stoneware, concrete or natural stone

    6. Step-by-step instructions: Cut terrace slabs (2cm) with a tile cutting table

    Step 1: Mark the cutting edge. Lay the patio slabs on a horizontal surface and use a washable marker to mark the spot where you want to cut the slab.

    Step 2: Take safety precautions. Before you start cutting, you should put on your safety goggles and hearing protection. Make sure the water supply is turned on and connected.

    Step 3: Cut the patio slab. Set the tile cutting table to the correct cutting depth (2 cm) and attach the diamond cutting disc .

    Step 4: Place the patio slab on the pusher and slowly and evenly start pushing the slab towards the saw blade.

    Step 5: Pay attention to a slow and careful feed and an even light pressure.

    Step 6: Check the result. After you have cut the patio slab, you should check the result and sand it down if necessary. We recommend finishing the cut edge according to these instructions .

    Banner picture Terrace slabs made of concrete - cut concrete slabs

    7. Cut porcelain stoneware terrace slabs 3cm

    An exception is 3cm thick terrace slabs. These should (in my personal opinion) really be wet-cut with a cutting table and a corresponding diamond cutting disc.

    The reason for this is that when using other machines, the height of the diamond blade will most likely not be sufficient for the thickness of the patio slab.

    Cutting 3cm thick patio slabs - Check if the height of your diamond cutting disc is sufficient for the thickness of the patio slab

    8. The nature of fine stoneware and ceramic patio tiles can make cutting even more difficult.

    The nature of porcelain stoneware can lead to the presence of individual, relatively thick granulate particles, which make it difficult to cut material thicker than 2 cm and can even render the porcelain stoneware terrace slab unusable.

    9. Conclusion - cutting patio tiles is not a problem even as a craftsman!

    With the right tools and a careful approach, you can easily and safely cut terrace slabs with a thickness of 2 cm and even up to 3 cm.

    If you have any ideas that could supplement this guide "Cut terrace slabs" we would be very happy to receive a comment or to contact you ☺️

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