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Cut tiles with the wet cutter

A wet cutter is the best machine for cutting large and thick tiles

Difficulty: Easy - Medium | Costs: from 30 euros | Workload: approx. 10 minutes per tile

Cutting tiles with the wet cutter is the simplest and most effective method of cutting tiles to size over a large area and in large volumes.

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about cutting tiles with a wet cutter and receive valuable tips for clean cuts.

Table of contents

Craftsman cutting tiles with the wet cutter - with water supply and diamond saw blade

1. Why use a wet cutter?

A wet cutter is a powerful tool designed for cutting all types of tiles.

It uses a diamond saw blade that is water-cooled to provide precise and clean cuts. Thanks to the water cooling, there is almost no dust when cutting, and the chance of damaging the tile during cutting is almost zero.

2. When is a wet cutter necessary?

A wet cutter is especially helpful when:

  1. Large format tiles need to be cut.

    Full format and large tiles can only be cut with the wet cutter - image of Large Tiles

  2. Many miter cuts in tiles are required.

    Make miter cuts in tiles with the wet cutter Cut 45 degrees - jolly cut

  3. The tile has a high material thickness.

    Cut tiles with the wet cutter from a tile thickness of 2 cm.

  4. The tile consists of hard but sensitive materials such as porcelain stoneware, marble or granite.

  5. Dust-free work is desired or necessary.

3. Step-by-step instructions: Cut tiles with the wet cutter

3.1 Preparation

Before you start cutting, make sure that the wet cutter is set up and the water connection is working.

Our tip: Wear suitable protective clothing, such as safety goggles and sturdy shoes.

3.1 Marking and cutting the tile

  1. Measure the desired cutting edge and mark it on the tile.

  2. Turn on the machine and turn on the water supply.

  3. Place the tile on the support surface and move it towards the diamond saw blade with light pressure.

  4. Hold the tile and slowly and carefully cut through from beginning to end.
  1. Check the cutting edge and rework it with a diamond grinding pad if necessary .

3.2 Miter and jolly cuts

  1. Follow all the steps of the guide above.

  2. Adjust the cutting head to a 45 degree angle and fix it.

  3. Move the cutting head towards the tile and check if the tile can be cut properly. The diamond blade should be set just below the edge.

3.3 Tips for clean cuts

  1. Use a sharp and high-quality diamond saw blade.

  2. Always work with a steady hand and pay attention to a precise cut.

  3. Practice on old or damaged tiles beforehand to get a feel for the wet cutter.

4. What safety measures do I have to take when cutting tiles with the wet cutter?

4.1 Protective Clothing and Precautions

When working with the wet cutter, always wear suitable protective clothing such as safety goggles, hearing protection and sturdy shoes. Make sure that there are no children or pets near the machine while cutting.

4.1 Maintenance and cleaning of the wet cutter

Thoroughly clean the wet cutter after each use and regularly check the condition of the diamond saw blade.

5. Are there alternatives to cutting tiles with a wet cutter?

5.1 Tile cutter

A tile cutter is a good alternative for cutting thin tiles. It is especially good for small projects and a few cuts.

5.2 angle grinder and a cutting disc for tiles


Tile cutting disc mounted on an angle grinder when flexing tiles

An angle grinder can also be used with a diamond blade to cut tiles. However, handling is not quite as easy and the result may not be as precise as with a wet cutter.

Conclusion - Cutting tiles with the wet cutter is the cleanest method.

The wet cutter is a powerful and high-precision machine for cutting tiles.

With the right preparation and following the safety instructions, you can achieve clean cuts with ease. For smaller projects or thinner materials, the tile cutter or the angle grinder can be considered as alternatives.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about cutting tiles with the wet cutter

Can I use a wet cutter for all tile types?

Yes, a wet cutter is suitable for cutting all types of tiles, including porcelain stoneware, marble and granite.

How deep can I cut with a wet cutter?

The depth of cut varies by model, but typically you can cut tiles up to 17 cm thick with a wet cutter.

Can I rent a wet cutter?

That's fine. There are a number of hardware stores that offer a machine rental service. For example OBI and Hornbach.

    How often do I have to change the diamond saw blade?

    The lifespan of a diamond saw blade depends on the quality of the blade and the frequency of use. Regularly check the condition of the blade and replace it if it is damaged or the diamond segment is too worn.

    Is working with a wet cutter dangerous?

    As with any power tool, you should exercise caution and follow all safety precautions when handling a wet cutter.

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