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Polishing granite slabs - the most cost-effective and professional option

The preparation and polishing of a granite slab is not difficult - we will show you the most cost-effective professional method from €49

Granite slabs are popular for their durability and aesthetics, but over time they can deteriorate due to:

  • wear
  • deep scratches
  • discolorations lose their beauty.

Image of a freshly polished granite countertop in the kitchen

Fortunately, there is an effective way to restore them to their original glory - polishing. In this article, we will share the steps to professionally prepare and polish a granite slab that is inexpensive and easy to do.

2. Tools and machines needed to polish granite slab

Buy a diamond grinding wheel or diamond polishing wheel to polish granite slabs

Before you start polishing, it is important to have the right tools and machines. For the professional version, all you need is an angle grinder and a diamond polishing disc with the right grits. Here is a list of the necessary tools:

  • Angle grinder or polishing machine with M14 mount
  • Mounting plate with Velcro surface for diamond polishing wheel

Diamond Polishing Disc for Granite Slabs - Overview Graphic with a table of grits and polishing steps

2.1 Polishing granite slab with deep scratches

For deep scratches, you must first grind the granite slab. You will need diamond buffs from #50 to #3000 grit to gradually smooth the surface.

Picture of the diamond polishing disc set for polishing granite slabs with all grit sizes from #50 - #3000, a total of 8 pieces

2.2 For polishing and high gloss

If you want to achieve a polish and high gloss, #800, #1500, and #3000 grit will do. These finer grains give the granite slab a smooth and shiny surface.

Diamond polishing pads explanation graphic

3. Instructions for polishing granite slab

Do-it-yourselfers polishing granite slabs with angle grinders and diamond polishing discs in several steps and grits

  1. Place the matching diamond polishing disc on the receiving disc.
  2. Screw the mounting plate onto the M14 mount of your angle grinder or your polishing machine.
  3. Carry out the polishing work with circular movements and without much pressure.
  4. Polish the entire surface of the granite slab until it reaches the desired finish.
  5. If desired, seal or crystallize the granite slab for added protection.

3.1 Further advice for the processing of granite

3.2 Alternative methods for polishing granite slabs

4. The most common mistakes when polishing granite slabs

A handyman made a mistake while grinding and polishing a granite slab

When preparing and polishing granite slabs, some mistakes can occur that should be avoided in order to achieve the best possible result. Here are the most common mistakes:

Mistake 1 - Too coarse grit when not needed.

A common mistake is using too coarse a grit for the polish, which can result in unsightly scratches on the surface. Then additional polishing steps have to be carried out again from behind. Make sure to use the right grit for the desired effect.

Mistake 2 - Too much pressure when polishing

Another mistake is excessive pressure during the polishing process. Too much pressure can damage the material and affect the desired result. Buff with even pressure and circular motions.

Mistake 3 - Not thorough cleaning before polishing

Failure to thoroughly clean the surface before polishing can result in dirt and particles getting into the polishing pads and damaging the slab. Make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt before you begin buffing.

5. Conclusion on polishing granite slab - Can be easily and professionally done by yourself

Dressing and polishing a granite slab is an inexpensive way to restore its beauty and shine. With the right tools and a careful approach, you can achieve impressive results. It is a worthwhile investment to make your granite slab shine again.

FAQs - The most frequently asked questions about polishing granite slabs

Is polishing a granite slab difficult?

No, with the right tools and guidance, polishing is easy to do yourself.

How often should I polish my granite slab?

The frequency of polishing depends on usage and the condition of the granite slab. It is recommended to regenerate them when necessary or every few years. With the right granite care routine once a year, you can save yourself regular polishes.

Can I use regular polishing wheels instead of diamond polishing pads?

Diamond polishing pads are most effective for polishing granite slabs. Ordinary polishing pads could not provide the same results.

Is sealing necessary after polishing?

Sealing is not mandatory, but it can provide additional protection and extend the life of the granite slab.

Can I use my granite slab immediately after polishing?

It is recommended to allow the granite slab some time to dry after polishing before applying weight again.

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