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Cutting holes in tile - All methods

Cutting circles and holes in tiles is not difficult.

Difficulty: Easy - Medium | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 30 minutes.

When building a new bathroom or renovating a bathroom, you will need to cut holes in the tiles to connect all the plumbing, electrical connections, etc. Wherever a circular recess does not do, the corresponding hole must be cut.

For this you need to take the right measurements and have the right tools.

Table of contents

1. What tools do I need to cut tile hole?

1.1 Cut holes in rectangular tiles

In the case of rectangular recesses in tiles, the procedure is comparably simple. Take a pen and transfer the measurements for your tile holes onto the tiles.

1.2 Step by step instructions on how to cut a tile hole with an angle grinder and a diamond cutting disc for tiles

Attach the diamond cutting disc in the running direction

    1. Step 1: Clean the tile and attach your 125 mm tile cutting disc in the direction of travel

    2. Step: Mark an X in the middle of the rectangle

    3. Step 1: Now carefully cut along the marked cutting line

    4. Step: Make sure you don't dip too deep with the diamond disc. This can lead to unwanted cuts outside the required area.

    5. Step 1: If possible, you should now cut along the rectangle

    6. Step 1: Carefully loosen the pieces of tile

    7. Step 1: Sand the edges down to the desired size with a diamond abrasive

1.3 Step-by-step instructions for "cutting holes in tiles" with a multi-tool

  1. Clean the tile and attach your diamond blade for the multi-tool

  2. Cut along the mark

  3. Clean and sand tile edges with a diamond sanding pad

2. Cut round holes and circles in tiles (already laid)

In order to be able to cut a round hole (circle) in tiles, there are essentially two methods. Once the actual cutting of a round recess in tiles with a diamond disc or drilling the tile hole with a tile drill bit .

Both methods give the desired result. However, the diameter when drilling holes in tiles is limited compared to cutting holes in tiles. A diamond drill bit for tiles has a maximum diameter of 13 cm.

3. Cut tiles round (circle) with a diamond cutting disc for tiles

With this method it is imperative to have sufficient manual experience.

Place the diamond blade on the tile and begin a circular motion. Due to the constantly changing cutting direction, it is necessary to cut with little pressure and extremely slowly. Work your way through the tile bit by bit.

After repeating this movement several times, you should have successfully cut the tile in a circle.

Buy a cutting disc for tiles

A disadvantage of this variant is the diameter of the diamond wheel. The resulting hole/recess matches the tile cutting disc. Individual dimensions are hardly possible.

4. Drill a tile hole with a round tile drill bit

Banner image guide tile drilling instructions

The best and easiest way to "cut" holes in tiles. A diamond-studded tile drill bit is attached to an angle grinder, according to the diameter of the desired tile hole.

Guide_ Cut round tile hole _ With tile drill bit Animated image for visual representation

The diamond tile drills for the angle grinder are available in many different diameters, so that you can always drill a very precise hole.

For a better overview, we have created an application table for you according to the diameter of the diamond tile drill and common areas of application.

Our tip: Buy a tile drill set right away to get the maximum added value.

Application chart by diameter for selecting a tile drill bit for cutting tile hole

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