Which drill bit for tiles?

Which tile drill is the right one?

We will show you how to choose the right tile drill for your material.

When drilling tiles, the choice of your tile drill is important. There are different types of drills used depending on the hardness of your material.

Note: The harder the tile , the higher the quality of the drill must be.

Choosing the right drill for drilling tiles

2. What types of drills are suitable for drilling tiles?

A picture of a diamond drill for tiles when drilling tiles with a cordless screwdriver from hard tiles made of fine stoneware 2 cm thick

  1. Normal carbide tile drill bit

    This drill is exclusively for tiles with a scratch hardness of 1 to 3.

  2. Special carbide drill for tiles

    This carbide drill has a special carbide tip that you can use to drill tiles with a scratch hardness of up to 6.

  3. Diamond tile drill for hard tiles

    The diamond bit is able to drill any type of tile and hardness such as porcelain stoneware, marble and granite.
    Diamond is one of the hardest materials and has a scratch hardness of 10. This drill bit can therefore drill any tile made of granite, fine stoneware and marble .

  4. Special carbide drill for fine stoneware

    A carbide drill with a special drill head with 4 geometric cutting edges for drilling 2 cm thick porcelain stoneware.

2.1 Choosing your drill bit for tiles depends on the hardness of the scratch

This is a helpful chart to help you determine the scratch resistance of your tile. So you can also choose the right tile drill.

Our tip: If you are completely unsure of what material your tile is made of, you can select the diamond tile drill bit. It's not overly expensive than a carbide tile drill bit. It lasts longer (up to 23 holes according to our test ) and is guaranteed to drill any hard building material.

tile material scratch hardness
pottery 0-3
porcelain stoneware 6-8
natural stone tile 5-8
granite 6-8

3. Which drill bit for large drill holes in tiles?

For drilling tile holes larger than 14 mm, only a diamond core bit for tiles is suitable.

Tile drill bits are only available for the angle grinder and have a diameter of 16 mm to 130 mm.

This special tile drill is suitable for these tasks:

68 mm tile drill bit for setting sockets in tiles

4. Conclusion - Choosing the right tile drill is not difficult

You can answer the question "which drill bit for tiles" as soon as you have found out what material your tiles are made of. In an emergency, you simply reach for the diamond drill, which we believe is the best choice.

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