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Angle grinder wet cutting allowed?

Angle grinder wet cut? Yes, this is possible, provided the tool is designed for it

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: approx. 0 euros | Workload: approx. 5 minutes

The angle grinder is a multifunctional machine that can be used for a range of applications and with different tools for grinding, cutting and even drilling.

It is extremely popular for cutting metal, iron, stone , concrete and tile .

We will show you when the angle grinder can be used for wet cutting.

Angle grinder Wet cutting process with a suitable cutting disc

1. Under what circumstances can the angle grinder be used for wet cutting?

Wet cutting is only used in conjunction with a diamond cutting disc. However, this must also be designed for cutting with water.

The diamond cutting disc usually has an imprint or a label that states whether the cutting disc is for:

  • dry cutting
  • wet cutting
  • Or for dry and wet cutting

is designed.

A commonly used identifier is a water droplet for wet cut or a crossed-out water symbol for dry cut.

Diamond cutting disc for dry and wet cutting

Advantages of wet cutting with the angle grinder

The use of water is not only useful when cutting with the Flex.

Diamond cutting disc in wet cutting when cutting stones Angle grinder

In all trades and machine areas where hard materials have to be cut, a coolant or just water is usually used.

2. What are the biggest wet cutting advantages?

  • Minimized heat development - protects tools, materials and machines

  • Removal of dust - Significantly minimized dust pollution in the immediate vicinity, as the dust binds with the water and is washed away.

  • More precise work - The additional use of water during cutting ensures a generally lower "disturbance". This means you can work faster, more effectively and cleaner.

  • Hard material can only be processed with wet cutting - Porcelain stoneware terrace slabs with a thickness of more than 2 cm can be cut with the help of water. Otherwise the load on the diamond cutting disc would be too high. This would overheat and break

3. You should pay attention to these things when wet cutting with the angle grinder

As everyone knows, water doesn't mix well with electronics.

You should therefore make sure that no important components of the angle grinder come into contact with too much water.

Short circuit caused by water in the electronics

Conclusion - Wet cutting is allowed when using an angle grinder.

The angle grinder can be used for wet cutting if the tool is designed for this. Also, be careful to use a reasonable amount of water and avoid drowning the machine.

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