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Drilling bricks - A practical guide for DIY enthusiasts

Drilling in brick is a basic task for any handyman.

Whether you want to hang a shelf or mount a lamp, drilling brick properly requires the right technique and drilling tool.

In this article, we give you a practical guide on how to drill brick safely and efficiently.

Brick in masonry is drilled with a drill and a masonry drill bit

1. Preparation is the be-all and end-all when drilling bricks

Before you start drilling, proper preparation is essential to ensure you can get the job done successfully.

1.1 Take security measures

Before turning on the power drill, be sure to take proper safety precautions.

  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from dust and debris.
  • If you are sensitive to drill dust, wear a face mask.
  • Safety shoes are also advisable to protect your feet.

1.2 Choosing the right tool for brick masonry

Make sure you have the right tool to drill into brick. A variable speed impact drill is ideal for this task.

  • Good masonry drill
  • multi-material drill
  • or special brick drill

Multi-purpose drill when drilling brick - craftsman drills brick with impact drill

2. Understand the different brick types - drill bricks more efficiently

It is important to understand the different brick types as drilling in different bricks may require different techniques.

2.1 Perforated brick

Vertically perforated bricks are bricks with chamber-like cavities that serve as thermal insulation. When drilling vertical perforated bricks, you should be careful not to destroy the brick webs, as they can easily break.

Picture of a hollow brick in the masonry

2.2 solid masonry bricks

Solid bricks are homogeneous and have no cavities. When drilling in solid bricks, the hammer drill function can be used to make drilling easier.

Brick Image - Red brick to be drilled

2.3 roof tiles

Roof tiles are another common type of tile used in the construction industry. They serve as a protective layer for roofs and add to the aesthetics of a building. It is important to be careful when drilling into roof tiles as they can be more delicate than other types of tiles.

Image of a newly covered roof with roof tiles that require drill holes for solar panels

3. Step-by-step instructions on how to drill in brick

Image of a drill hole in the rock

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to drill into brick:

3.1 Mark the drilling site

Use a pencil or chalk to mark the spot on the brick where you want to drill. Make sure the marking is accurate.

3.2 Prepare the drilling machine

Attach the appropriate masonry bit to your impact drill and adjust the speed accordingly.

3.3 Start slowly

Start drilling at low speed and apply gentle pressure to insert the masonry bit into the brick.

3.4 Increase drilling speed

After the masonry drill penetrates the brick, gradually increase the speed to enlarge the hole.

3.5 Drill the correct depth

Drill the hole about 1cm deeper than the length of the dowel you intend to use.

Tip from the pro: Use a piece of adhesive tape on the drill to find the ideal drilling depth.

3.6 Pull out the drill

Pull out the drill slowly, avoiding skewing to prevent damage to the brick.

3.7 Remove brick dust

Clear the drill hole of excess brick dust by blowing or vacuuming.

More helpful advice when drilling bricks

Conclusion - Drilling bricks is not difficult.

Drilling brick requires proper preparation, an understanding of the different brick types, and precise drilling technique. With the right tools and step-by-step instructions, you can drill brick safely and efficiently and make your home improvement projects a success.

FAQs - The most important questions about drilling bricks answered

1. Can I use a regular drill bit to drill into brick?

It is recommended to use special masonry bits such as multi-purpose bits, concrete bits or masonry bits as they are suitable for drilling into hard materials such as brick.

2. How deep should the drill hole be in the brick?

Drill the hole about 1cm deeper than the length of the dowel you intend to use.

3. What type of drill press is best for drilling brick?

A variable speed hammer drill is ideal for drilling into brick.

4. Can I use the percussion drilling function for vertically perforated bricks?

It is recommended not to use the hammer drill function when drilling in vertical perforated bricks, as the brick webs can easily break.

5. How can I remove brick dust from the drill hole?

You can blow out or vacuum the drill hole to remove excess brick dust.

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