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Flex countertop tiles: everything you need to know

Extensive tile processing with the Flex and the right attachment

The Flex is one of the most comprehensive machines for processing tiles. With the appropriate tools, you can tile:

Overview of different tile attachments for flex and angle grinders

In this article we will look at the different types of flex attachments for tile work and give tips on how to choose these attachments for angle grinders and flex machines.

Types of flex attachments for tile processing

1. Flex attachments for cutting

Flex attachment for cutting tiles

When it comes to cutting tiles , appropriate tile cutting discs are indispensable. They allow precise and clean cuts, so you can easily cut tiles to the size you want.

Good to know: Some cutting discs are even specially designed for cutting and grinding tiles, saving time and effort.

2. Flex attachments for grinding tiles

Attachments for grinding tiles with the Flex

Tile sanding is an important step to smooth the surface and finish edges.

  1. The diamond burrs are ideal for removing chips or enlarging holes.
  2. The diamond rounding cutters ensure rounded edges on tiles and terrace slabs.
  3. With the diamond grinding pads you can bring the surface and edges of the tiles into top shape.
  4. The diamond polishing discs are recommended for delicate and precious tiles such as marble and granite in order to achieve a shiny and professional look.

3. Drill flex attachments for tiling

Flex drill attachments for tiles

Drilling holes in tiles requires precision and the right tools.

  1. The diamond drills are ideal for small holes
  2. While the diamond tile drill bits can be used for larger holes.

Drilling tiles becomes child's play with these attachments.

Tips on choosing the right tile attachment for angle grinders and flex machines

Renovating the bathroom - an overview of suitable Flex attachments

Choosing the right Flex attachment depends on the application. Here are some tips to help you decide:

1. Select by application

Depending on what tile processing task you want to perform, you need to choose the appropriate flex attachment.

  • It is best to use a cutting disc for cutting
  • for grinding the various tile grinding wheels are perfectly suited.
  • Diamond drill bits and tile drill bits are used when drilling tiles.

If possible, buy attachments in a set to save money

Some manufacturers offer sets of flex attachments that contain different tools for different applications. Buying such sets can be cheaper than buying the attachments individually.

Available sets for tile attachments

Conclusion - There are a lot of helpful tile attachments for the flex and angle grinders

Flex and angle grinders are hands down the best machines for tiling, especially when you use the right attachments. From cutting to grinding to drilling, flex attachments offer versatile options to achieve professional results.

Important: Remember to choose the right attachment carefully depending on the application and don't forget to buy the flex attachments in a set to save money.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about the Flex Tile Attachment

Question 1: Are Flex attachments suitable for all Flex machines?

Yes, flex attachments are usually suitable for most common flex machines. However, always observe the compatibility recommendations of the manufacturer.

Question 2: Can I also polish other materials with diamond polishing discs?

Yes, diamond polishing discs are not only suitable for delicate and precious tiles, but can also be used on other natural stones and shiny surfaces.

Question 3: How long do diamond drill bits last?

The durability of the diamond drills depends on the frequency of use and processing of materials. However, high-quality diamond drill bits can last longer than traditional drill bits.

Question 4: Are Flex attachments easy to change?

Yes, most Flex attachments can be changed quickly and easily as they usually have a special attachment system.

Question 5: Can I also use flex attachments manually?

No, flex attachments are specifically designed for use with angle grinders and flex machines and should not be used manually to avoid injury.

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