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Diamond burs for marble - marble burs 5 mm - 14 mm

Diamond burs for marble - marble burs 5 mm - 14 mm

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  • For tear-free drilling
  • For all angle grinders
  • For wet or dry drilling

Frequently asked questions - Diamond burs for marble - marble burs 5 mm - 14 mm

Kundenfrage: Bohrt dieser Bohrer Marmor einwandfrei?

iynx Tools Antwort: Der Diamantbohrer ist definitiv dazu in der Lage, Marmor zu bohren. Er ist sogar der einzige Bohrer, der Marmor einwandfrei bohren kann. Allerdings erfordert dies etwas Übung und Erfahrung. Lies unseren Ratgeber zum Thema "Marmor bohren" für zusätzliche Informationen durch.

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The diamond drill is ideal for drilling high-quality marble tiles and marble slabs

No more cracks and damage - When drilling in marble, traditional drill bits can easily:

  • cracks
  • chips
  • or lead to unclean edges

The M14 diamond drill bit for marble avoids these problems thanks to its special coating and its high diamond density.

Look forward to:

  • clean
  • precise
  • Tear-free holes

in marble without damaging the valuable material.

When drilling in marble, it is of paramount importance to protect the precious material and avoid damage. Our diamond drill offers the best success rate for intact and precise drilling, so you can always rely on impeccable results.

Dry drilling made easy with the diamond drill bit for marble

The marble drill does not require any additional cooling thanks to the integrated cooling wax or coolant. Enjoy the benefits of dry drilling without additional water and save yourself additional time and effort.

Flexibility for every need - drill marble with a drill or angle grinder

Choose the right diameter for your application from our wide range from 5 mm to 14 mm. Whether you want to install a faucet in the marble sink or a mirror in the bathroom, the diamond drill for marble is the right tool for you. It is suitable for both do-it-yourselfers and professional craftsmen.

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Highlights Diamond burs for marble - marble burs 5 mm - 14 mm

Bohrt jede Fliese oder Platte – egal wie hart

Bohrt empfindliche Oberflächen ausrissfrei

Diamant-Fliesenbohrer oder Fliesenbohrkrone

Zum Trockenbohren – mit Kühlwachs

Profi-Diamantbohrer für Fliesen mit M14-Aufnahme für den Winkelschleifer

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Product Information Diamond burs for marble - marble burs 5 mm - 14 mm

Technical details & areas of application

Diameter: 5mm | 6mm | 8mm | 10mm | 12mm | 14mm
Recording: M14
Machinery: angle grinder, flex
Application: Marble, marble tiles, marble slabs
Segment type: vacuum coated | High diamond density
for the highest demands
segment height: 10mm Optimized Diamond Segment
- Professional quality tile drill


Anleitung: Marmor bohren mit dem Diamantbohrer

  1. Marmorfliese oder Marmorküchenplatte bestmöglich säubern.
  2. Bohrloch ausmessen und übertragen.
  3. Kreppband auf die Bohrstelle kleben, um Ausrisse im Marmor zu vermeiden.
  4. Bei Marmor empfiehlt es sich, das Bohrloch mit einem Hartmetall-Fliesenbohrer anzubohren.
  5. Diamantbohrer für Marmor schräg ansetzen und mit niedriger Geschwindigkeit losbohren.
  6. Diamantbohrer aufrichten und mit pendelnden Bewegungen durch den Marmor bohren.

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