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Create a garden path cheaply - with these tips, the budget stays small

If you want to save on the garden path, you have to find the right balance between costs and quality when it comes to material, substructure and installation.

It doesn't work entirely without compromises - but with good planning, simple execution and focus on the essentials, the costs can be significantly reduced.

Inexpensive garden path variants made of cattle mulch and gravel

In this article we will show you what you should pay attention to when creating a garden path.

Choose inexpensive materials for the garden path

Create a garden path cheaply with concrete slabs and gravel

Suitable cheap materials are:

  • Used materials old paving slabs or paving stones
  • Cheap new goods such as gray concrete slabs, curb stones
  • Inexpensive natural materials such as gravel and bark mulch
  • Even cheaper: sand and wood chips

Save complex substructure

Simple gravel as substructure as an alternative

The substructure can often be simplified:

  • With grit or gravel
  • Instead of gravel, a thin layer of gravel is often sufficient
  • Completely without substructure
  • Only works with suitable materials such as mulch or grass pavers.

Build yourself instead of commissioning

Own work reduces the costs significantly:

1. Use your own contribution

Carry out the installation yourself, only hire professionals for difficult sections. In particular, garden paths made of natural materials such as gravel and mulch can be laid by yourself without any problems.

2. Low machine cost

  • Carry out earthworks with a borrowed mini excavator.
  • Rent machines at the hardware store
  • Borrow tools in the neighborhood

3. Low transportation costs

  • Pick up materials yourself
  • Get free delivery - negotiate when you buy

Implement simple design

Garden path with simple geometric shapes

A simple design is cheaper than complex structures

  • straight route
  • Simple geometric shapes can be implemented with little effort.

Simple geometric shapes

Straight rectangles instead of curved shapes save time and money. In addition, other tools such as diamond cutting discs can be dispensed with.

Garden path with a simple design is significantly more cost-effective

Avoid accessories

Do not plan any elaborate water features, works of art or the like.

  • Buy cheap hardware store lights
  • Accessories Buy in bulk

More guides for the Create your own garden path

Cutting stones when creating a garden path with a diamond cutting disc

Cost comparison to conventional routes

Up to 50% savings are possible with simpler materials and your own work. You can save additional money with natural materials or old materials that you already own.

Cost example for a cheap garden path

position Costs
Concrete slabs, used 10-20 € per m2
gravel substructure 5-10 € per m2
Laying on your own 5-10 € per m2
Wooden palisade border 10-15 € per running meter
Tool €50-150
Total approx. 15-35 € per m2

Conclusion - The dream of a garden path does not have to be expensive.

With good planning, simple execution and doing without luxury, garden paths can also be realized with a small budget. The service life is then usually shorter, but regular self-care means that the path can be walked on for a long time.

FAQ: Creating a garden path cheaply

Where can I find cheap used materials for garden paths?

In online classifieds, at flea markets or directly at building material and recycling centers. There are often cheap remainders here.

Can I create a garden path completely without a substructure?

Only with suitable materials such as gravel, bark mulch or lawn pavers. A grit substructure is recommended for other coverings.

What work can I do myself?

Usually earth and foundation work, transport, laying of materials. Jointing and complex shapes are better left to the professionals.

How do I get free natural materials for my path?

Natural stones are often found in forests. Family members can also be asked about remaining stocks. Be careful with someone else's property.

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