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Cutting concrete slabs - angle grinder, cutting table or hardware store?

Craftsman cutting concrete slabs with a 230 mm concrete disc

Cutting concrete slabs is not a big challenge - a variety of processes from angle grinders to cutting tables

Complexity Level: Easy-Medium | Expenses: about 20-80 euros | Time required: about 1 hour

The most important things when cutting concrete slabs from this post.

  • Use a good concrete cutting wheel
  • Use an angle grinder, a splitter, or a cutting table
  • Sufficient preparation to cut a hole or curve in the concrete slab

Table of contents

An image of concrete slabs being laid that still need to be cut

Concrete slabs are often used outdoors for terraces, garden paths and much more. installed.

It is not uncommon for the concrete slabs to be adapted and cut to their surroundings. Concrete slabs are cut to size, especially in the edge area.

The circular cutting of concrete slabs is also more common than you might think.

We will show you which machine (tool) you should use to complete the individual work steps.

2. Which cutting disc do I need to cut concrete slabs?

Image of a concrete diamond blade mounted on an angle grinder. A craftsman cutting concrete slabs with the Flex

A concrete cutting disc is always required for cutting concrete slabs .

Depending on the diameter, you can use this on a:

  • Angle grinder (115mm, 125mm)
  • Large Flex (230mm)
  • Wet Cutting Table (230mm, 300mm, 350mm)

Concrete blade for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete

2.1 General guide for cutting concrete:

Advice on cutting concrete banner image

2.2 Which blade is the best for cutting concrete slabs? Our expert recommendation

3. Cutting concrete slabs with the angle grinder

Cutting concrete slabs with an angle grinder (flex) is extremely easy to do if you pay attention to two points:

  • The cutting depth is limited to approx. 5.0 cm with a cutting disc with a diameter of 125 mm on an angle grinder.
  • Reinforced concrete slabs that are reinforced with steel require a particularly powerful and high-quality angle grinder for cutting. When cutting reinforced concrete, the Flex must be extremely powerful.

3.1 Instructions for cutting concrete slabs with the angle grinder (Flex)

Cutting concrete slabs with the Flex - Picture of a craftsman cutting concrete slabs with an angle grinder

Follow this step-by-step guide to get the best results. We also recommend wearing protective gear.

Step 1: Measure the concrete slabs

Dimensions are transferred to concrete slab

Transfer the required dimensions of your cut edge to the concrete slab. With straight cuts you don't have to pay attention to anything else.

Step 2: Position the concrete slabs within reach and allow them to overhang slightly

Concrete slab is placed correctly with a slight overhang

It is important to position the concrete slabs so that they do not cut into the ground. A pallet that you cover with a piece of plywood is ideal for this. In this way, the concrete slab can easily protrude and be optimally cut.

Step 3: Always start the cut in the edge area

The concrete slab is first cut in the edge area

In our opinion, the best method when cutting concrete slabs with the angle grinder is to always start the cut in the edge area and work carefully along the cutting edge from there.

Make slow, clean, precise cuts until you get to the other side. Don't apply too much pressure and let the concrete diamond cutting disc do the work.

Step 4: The cutting depth is insufficient and the concrete slab is not completely cut

Concrete slab when turning to use the full cutting depth of the angle grinder

In this case, you can turn the concrete slab over and start the cut again. In this case, please transfer the cut edge to the back as well.

Step 5: Checking the Cut Edge

Check concrete edge after cutting and cut if necessary

After the concrete slab is cut, you can check the cut edge for chips and sharp edges. If it is unusable from one side, you can simply turn it over. If you value extremely clean edges, we can recommend our concrete cup wheel for the Flex to break edges.

    This is what the Internet says: In a forum discussion of the Bosch Forum on the subject of cutting concrete slabs, it was recommended to use a concrete cutting disc with an angle grinder or a stone saw. In addition, it was suggested to visit a stonemason and get a price proposal.

    With these instructions you should be able to cut concrete slabs with the angle grinder.

    A concrete cutting disc in action when cutting concrete slabs

    3.2 How do I cut curves and circular cuts in concrete slabs?

    An image of a concrete slab was cut around to create an opening

    The round cutting of concrete slabs is usually understood as the adaptation of the concrete slab to a curve. This can be efficiently achieved by precise cutting.

    3.2.1 The most efficient way to cut curves in concrete slabs

    The most efficient method is to hold the slab of concrete at a slight angle to the slab of concrete and cut the curve.

    The concrete cutting disc is strong enough to withstand the stresses. It is advisable to practice on a piece that is no longer needed beforehand.

    3.2.2 The safest way to cut curves in a concrete slab

    If you have difficulties setting a curve, we recommend that you approach it carefully from the outside.

    1. Mark your cutting edge clearly.
    2. Make many small slits from the outside to the raw edge.
    3. Be careful not to place the cuts too far apart.
    4. After you've made all the cuts, you can break off each section with a hammer.
    5. Then you should clean the cut edge with aconcrete grinding wheel .

    3.3 How can I cut a hole in concrete slab? With the Flex, that's no problem

    With a little practice, almost anyone can cut out concrete slabs in a round shape.

    Our experience: It should be noted that the diameter must at least correspond to the diameter of the diamond cutting disc - for an angle grinder this is 125 mm or 115 mm.

    3.3.1 When is it necessary to cut a hole in concrete slab?

    This may be necessary for a number of reasons, such as:

    • Cut a hole in the concrete slab to properly connect the gutter
    • The installation of a parasol anchored to the ground

    3.4 Instructions for cutting holes in concrete slabs with the angle grinder

    1. Draw your desired hole on the concrete slab using a homemade compass.
    2. Mount the concrete diamond cutting disc on the angle grinder.
    3. Place the diamond blade on the concrete slab at a slight angle and gradually increase the speed until you feel it stick.
    4. Keep cutting until the hole is completely cut out.

    Our experience cutting concrete slabs: You may not be able to cut completely through the concrete slab. In this case, you can flip them and make star-shaped straight cuts from the back.

      4. How can I cut dust-free concrete slabs?

      A handyman cutting concrete that creates a lot of dust

      The best way to cut concrete and concrete slabs dust-free is to use water.

      The water is poured onto it from a garden hose or a watering can during the cutting process and binds the resulting dust as well as possible. However, this can lead to unwanted soiling on the substrate.

      4.1 Dust-free cutting of concrete slabs using a suction hood for the angle grinder.

      A suction hood is an accessory for the angle grinder that can be easily mounted. The dust extraction hood for cutting discs is available in diameters of 125 mm for the small Flex and 230 mm for the large Flex.

      When it is mounted on the angle grinder and connected to a vacuum cleaner, it reliably extracts the dust generated when cutting concrete slabs.

      Extraction hood for diamond cutting discs for dust-free cutting of concrete

      5. Cutting concrete slabs and aggregate concrete slabs without flex

      You may not have a Flex or any other machine to cut concrete slabs.

      The easiest and quickest, but not the cleanest, way to cut concrete slabs without flexing is to drill many holes along the cut edge.

      This already creates a kind of "cut edge". You can then try to knock that area off with a hammer.

      That way you've basically cut your concrete slab. However, you won't get particularly clean results with this method.

      6. Have concrete slabs cut at a hardware store (Obi, Hornbach...).

      If you plan carefully with sketches, it can make sense to have your concrete slabs cut to size at the hardware store or retailer.

      7. Cutting concrete slabs with the wet cutting table

      A wet cutting table is the ideal machine for cutting large numbers of concrete slabs. It is also excellent for cutting materials in XXL format.

      With a large diamond blade for concrete, you can cut particularly thick and large concrete slabs.

      7.1 Instructions for cutting concrete slabs with the wet cutting table

      Cutting concrete slabs with the wet cutting table Application image - Craftsman with a table saw cuts concrete slabs

      Please note that the wet cutting table is only suitable for long, straight and precise cuts. It is not designed for curves! A 300 mm diamond cutting disc is usually used.

      1. Clamp in the diamond disc
      2. Check water supply and power connection
      3. It is helpful to mark each concrete slab in advance. So you can work faster Turn on the wet cutting table, open the water supply and place the concrete slab on the table top.
      4. Guide the concrete slab with little pressure/force in the direction of the diamond saw blade and slowly plunge into the edge area.
      5. Let the diamond saw blade (concrete cutting disc) do the work. If you do not have enough depth of cut to complete the cut, you can turn the concrete slab over and start again from the other side.
      6. Clean the concrete slab and check the edges for possible damage. In the event of damage, we recommend the diamond grinding wheel to remove excess material and break edges.
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