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Concrete block cutting made easy: your ultimate guide

Cutting concrete blocks - ultimate guide with instructions, tips and tricks

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: approx. 20 euros | Workload: approx. 15 minutes

Cutting concrete blocks is not difficult. It takes some effort, but almost everyone is capable of it.

Concrete is a hard and extremely stable material. No matter what form it is in, you don't need to be afraid of cutting concrete blocks yourself. As a rule, he “forgives” you most mistakes.

Concrete blocks are prepared for cutting by the construction worker

Table of contents

1. What types of concrete blocks can be cut?

  • L stones
  • hollow blocks
  • formwork blocks

Types of concrete block - L block, shuttering block, hollow block

All of these are concrete blocks that need to be installed and cut. In this handy guide, we'll show you the most common methods and machines you can use to cut this type of stone yourself.

2. Frequently asked question: should concrete blocks be cut or broken?

We would like to answer this question first of all in order to get this aspect out of the way. It is always better to cut concrete blocks than to break them.

This is for the following reasons:

  • Concrete blocks are usually slightly larger. Due to this size, very few stone splitters can be used at all.
  • When cutting concrete blocks you achieve much better and more precise results compared to breaking (splitting)
  • The cutting of concrete stones is already possible with a Flex and a 125 mm stone cutting disc . Therefore, it is also the cheaper alternative.
  • The time saving is in no way comparable to the cutting result.

3. Concrete Blocks Cutting - These machines are the best choice for L blocks, hollow blocks and shuttering blocks

We show you the most popular machines for cutting concrete blocks (L blocks, hollow blocks, formwork blocks). These are sorted according to their popularity on site.

3.1 Cut concrete blocks with Flex

The Flex is the most popular machine for cutting all types of stones. It is quickly and flexibly ready for use and can be used for most fields of application.

Banner picture Cut concrete block (hollow block, L block, formwork block) flexen

Tip: Use the Large Flex (2000 watt power) and a 230 mm diamond cutting disc for faster results. Alternatively, you can also use the normal angle grinder with a 125 mm diamond disc.

3.2 How to cut concrete blocks with a Flex?

  1. Take measurements and transfer them to the concrete block. It is best to use a scratch pen for this.
  2. Mount stone cutting disc and additional handle (if available).
  3. Place concrete blocks on a level surface
  4. Plunge into the edge area and carefully, without exerting much pressure, cut along the marked cutting line
  5. Check for major damage and, if necessary, repair with a concrete diamond cup wheel for the angle grinder.

Our experience tip: Spray the surface thoroughly with water before sawing to suppress dust formation. This can contribute enormously to generating significantly less dust.

Stone cutting disc when cutting concrete block

3.3 The following applications can best be implemented with a Flex when cutting concrete blocks:

Cut concrete blocks round - it works best with the Flex

In some cases it is necessary to set a rounding. The angle grinder is the easiest because it can be used in the most flexible way. He can easily cut curves. Make sure that the concrete block (L blocks, hollow blocks, formwork block) has been marked correctly.

Banner image cutting concrete blocks round - user image craftsman cutting blocks round with a flex (angle grinder)

4. Cut concrete blocks with table saw

A table saw is ideal for cutting all materials and is indispensable on a construction site.

In our experience, the biggest advantage is that you can cut any material to size in just a few seconds.

In the construction phase, the table saw is therefore an enormous time saver. Due to the somewhat more complex situation, we have dedicated a separate guide to this topic.

Guide: Cutting stones with the wet cutter

4.1 Can concrete blocks also be cut with the cutting machine?

The Trennjäger is the ultimate machine for cutting concrete blocks, especially L blocks. With its petrol-powered engine, it can achieve very high performance and cut even the hardest stone.

The big machine with maximum power: Since the ripper requires a 300 mm diamond cutting disc , it is also able to saw much faster and deeper into the material.

Please note that the Separation Hunter should only be used by experienced people. Such a powerful machine is not to be underestimated and can cause serious injuries. For these reasons we do not want to write any detailed instructions for this machine.

5. How can you cut concrete blocks dust-free?

Construction dust should not be underestimated and should never be inhaled. A respirator mask (FFP2) is the best way to avoid inhaling it.

Good to know: In Germany it is also forbidden to generate too much dust, especially in residential areas. It is therefore correct and important to cut concrete blocks without dust.

5.1 The best methods to prevent dust

Of course, the method depends on what machine you're using. We have also written our own guide to this: “Cutting stones without dust”. We would like to summarize the best methods for you by machine type:

Guide: cut stones without dust

  • Angle Grinder (Flex) - Using an angle grinder dust hood . This is mounted on the Flex and connected to a vacuum cleaner. The resulting construction dust is removed directly. Available for the 125 mm and 230 mm diamond cutting disc .

  • Table Saw - Use a table saw with a wet cutting option. The dust is mixed with the water and transported away directly when cutting. A positive side effect is the additional cooling of the 350 mm cutting disc .

  • Use of dust binding agents - Dust binding agents are applied to the cutting line before the cut and bind the resulting dust. This is not completely prevented but ensures a significantly reduced load.

6. Conclusion - "Smaller" concrete blocks can be cut effectively and inexpensively.

Concrete blocks can be cut with a number of machines. Even as a beginner, you shouldn't be afraid of it. Follow the instructions and you are guaranteed to be successful.

Concrete cutting disc 230 mm for cutting concrete

7. FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about cutting concrete blocks

1. Can I cut concrete blocks without special machines?

While it is possible to cut concrete blocks without special machinery, the result is often unsatisfactory and the process can be very tedious. It is recommended to use at least a flex or table saw to cut concrete blocks.

2. Can I break concrete blocks instead of cutting them?

Yes, it is possible to break concrete blocks, but the result is often messy and inaccurate. It is therefore recommended to cut concrete blocks to achieve higher precision and a cleaner edge.

3. How do I cut a concrete block exactly and straight?

In order to cut a concrete block straight, you should first mark the desired line on the block with a scriber or pen. Then you should guide the flex or the table saw along this line. The important thing is not to put too much pressure on the device and instead let the machine do the work.

4. How can I cut concrete blocks round?

Round cutting of concrete blocks requires a little more skill and patience. With an angle grinder and a steady, controlled hand movement, you can shape the stone into the desired shape. It is important to first draw a sketch or line on the stone that you can follow.

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