Diamond cutting disc what is this tool used for?

Stone diamond cutting disc mounted on an angle grinder. GaLa craftsmen cutting stones for the garden stairs.

What are diamond cutting discs used for?

From our point of view, diamond cutting discs are really great tools. Hardly any other tool can be used in so many different areas of application and variations as the diamond cutting disc.

Diamond cutting discs are used to cut, separate and saw almost all building materials.



Image of a diamond blade

The triumph of diamond cutting discs

Diamond discs belong to the diamond tools. They were manufactured and used for the first time in the 1970s on a large industrial scale.

Technological advances in the production of synthetic diamonds have made it possible to produce them on a large scale in an acceptable quality at a reasonable price.

Production of artificial diamonds for diamond cutting discs

It was quickly found out that these diamond particles can also be attached to cutting discs in order to be able to cut much harder materials cleanly, cost-effectively and efficiently (compared to synthetic resin-bonded cutting discs).

Manufacturers and producers worldwide are still pursuing ongoing optimization of diamond cutting discs in order to enable better use for the user.

Craftsman working with a diamond cutting disc