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Cut bricks yourself - A simple guide

Bricks usually have to be cut during renovations, refurbishments or conversions. We'll show you the best home improvement methods.

When cutting bricks, a few things must be observed in order to get good results like a professional.

  • The type of stone the wall is made of
  • The required depth of cut
  • Choosing the right machine

Image of a diamond blade cutting stones

1. Determine brick

Walls may vary due to popular building materials from the decade or preferences of a region.

Pictures with different bricks including descriptions

1.1 How to determine the type of stone

  1. Expose brickwork by removing wallpaper, putty, and grout.
  2. Visual Identification - In most cases, the type of stone can already be identified.
  3. If you can't identify the stone, consider using visual recognition using Google Lens.

1.2 The most popular brick types

  • brick
  • concrete block
  • Ytong and aerated concrete block

1.3 The depth of cut required

Determine the cutting depth to select the right blade for cutting bricks

When cutting bricks, you should measure the thickness of the wall. This determines the cutting depth and thus the diameter of the diamond cutting disc.

1.4 The most popular diameters are

  • 125 mm for the small angle grinder
  • 230mm for the large flex
  • 300mm for the Separating Hunter

1.5 Choosing the right machine

As already described above, the thickness of the wall determines the required diamond cutting disc diameter and thus the required machine.

Of course, not everyone owns one of the machines described, such as the Trennjäger. Therefore, you should consider which disc diameter and machine is best for you based on the cuts you need.

Our tip: You can rent the machines you need and sometimes even the right cutting disc from most hardware stores.

Product image of a diamond cutting disc for cutting masonry

2. Instructions for cutting bricks

Masonry stone is cut

Very important: Make sure that the wall is not load-bearing. Have this checked by a structural engineer .

  1. Prepare machine
  2. Insert cutting disc
  3. Mark cutting lines
  4. Cut into the brick without exerting much pressure

2.1 Other guides for cutting stones

3. Common mistakes when cutting bricks

Mistake 1: Unclean cutting lines

Imprecisely marked cutting lines lead to unclean cuts that spoil the overall appearance of the wall. Use a pencil or crayon and a straight rail to draw precise lines.

Mistake 2: Wrong depth of cut

Incorrect setting of the cutting depth of the diamond cutting disc can lead to undesired results. Set the cutting depth according to the wall thickness and brick.

Mistake 3: Too much pressure

Excessive pressure on the machine wears out the diamond blade and affects the quality of the cut. Let the machine do the work and only apply gentle pressure to the brick.

Please follow these tips to achieve successful masonry cuts and avoid damage.

4. Conclusion - Cutting bricks is a bit challenging, but you can do it yourself

5. FAQs - The most frequently asked questions about cutting bricks

5.1 Can I cut bricks without special machines?

Yes, you can also cut bricks with a simple angle grinder if the cutting depth is not too great. Note, however, that this may not be sufficient for thicker stones.

5.2 Are diamond cutting discs expensive?

Diamond cutting discs are available in different price ranges. However, it is worth investing in good quality discs as they will last longer and give better results. You can get our cheapest stone cutting disc for flex machines from €14.99.

Product image of a flex disc for stone

5.3 How can I prevent the bricks from breaking out when cutting?

You can minimize chipping of the bricks by carefully marking the cut lines before cutting and guiding the diamond blade slowly and evenly.

5.4 What protective equipment should I wear when cutting bricks?

When cutting bricks, you should always wear safety goggles, hearing protection and appropriate work clothing to avoid injury.

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