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Drilling a Granite Countertop Hole - All Methods

Granite countertops are durable and popular kitchen tops. To install the faucet, it must be drilled.

Difficulty: Medium | Costs: approx. 35 euros | Workload: approx. 40 minutes.

Table of contents

Granite is a durable, expensive and noble material. The granite slab must be drilled to drill holes for various installations such as the faucet , a mixer tap or pipe connections. We'll show you how to do it and what tools you need.

1. Granite slabs must be drilled with a tile drill bit

A diamond drill bit for granite is the best, fastest and cleanest tool for drilling your kitchen worktop. It is available in many precisely fitting diameters and is suitable for use on the angle grinder.

A picture of a diamond drill bit for granite drilling a thick granite kitchen worktop

2. Instructions for drilling a hole in granite countertop

The tile drill bits are to be mounted on the angle grinder. They are designed for dry drilling, but adding a little water never hurts. The tile drill bit can be easily mounted on the angle grinder on the M14 mount.

  1. Determining the required diameter - Find out beforehand which desired drill hole diameter you need. Ideally, the tile drill bit should correspond exactly to this diameter or deviate from it by a maximum of 2mm.
  2. Transfer dimensions to the granite worktop - Transfer the desired dimensions to the worktop and mark them with a washable pen.
  3. Attach the tile drill bit to the angle grinder - The tile drill bit is equipped with a universal M14 mount. This fits all standard angle grinders.
  4. Drilling a hole in a granite countertop - Place the drill at a 45 degree angle in the desired location. Slowly increase the speed until the drill bit catches itself. Please make sure that this does not slip. Slowly set up the tile drill bit and drill with slightly wobbling movements. With a granite worktop, the drilling process can take up to 60 seconds. To protect the diamond drill bit, you can dip it in water from time to time.

Advisor Bannerbild Drill high-quality granite tiles, fine stoneware

2.1 What other information is informative for granite processing?

Additional tip: After drilling your granite worktop, you can clean the drill hole with a diamond grinding pad .

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