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Cutting roof tiles - instructions, tips & tricks

Almost anyone can cut roof tiles! With the right tools and the right machine, you can easily cut your bricks yourself on site.

Difficulty: Easy - Medium | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 30 minutes.

Roof tiles are an important part of a building. Roof tiles protect the house from the effects of various elements (rain, snow, sun, etc.) and give the building an aesthetic value and its sometimes personal character.

Image of burnt roof tiles that need to be cut to accommodate a pitched roof

1. Why cut roof tiles?

There are several reasons why cutting roof tiles may be necessary. For example:

  • on irregularly shaped roofs
  • Roofs with corners or angles
  • or those with different inclinations.

In such cases, the roof tiles may not fit the edge of the roof exactly and will need to be trimmed to ensure an optimal fit.

Buy diamond cutting disc banner image

1.1 Trimming roof tiles: not as difficult as it seems

Cutting roof tiles is not an extremely difficult task and can be done by most people themselves. With the right instructions and the right tools, even beginners can cut roof tiles to the right size.

Tip: Before you start cutting your roof tiles, try it on a tile you no longer need to get a feel for the process.

2. Choose the right cutting machine and tools to cut roof tiles

Warning about cutting roof tiles - do not cut on the roof - danger to life

Before you start cutting, it's important to determine the type of roof tile you want to cut. There are different materials from which roof tiles are made:

  • including clay bricks
  • concrete brick
  • fiber cement brick
  • slate bricks and wooden bricks

Depending on the material and size of your bricks, different machines and tools are used.

Cost and quality comparison of the individual methods

method Costs Quality
Flex roof tiles Middle Good
Cutting roof tiles with the wet cutter High Very good
Alternative: Cut the roof tiles to size with a hammer and chisel Small amount OK
Cutting bricks with the foxtail saw Small amount OK
Special case: Flexing roof tiles for solar systems Middle Good

2.1 Flexing roof tiles with the angle grinder

Roof tiles and roof tiles flex with a diamond cutting disc

A simple and proven method of cutting roof tiles is to use an angle grinder with a diamond blade .

2.2 Instructions

  • Use an angle grinder with a 125 mm diamond cutting disc .
  • Position the cutting disc along the marked cutting line.
  • Slowly cut through the brick.

2.3 Cut roof tiles with the wet cutter

The wet cutter is recommended for particularly clean and precise cuts. It can be borrowed from many hardware stores and is also suitable for cutting XXL tiles and patio slabs

An image of a wet cutter set up outdoors during a home renovation

Our tip: When renovating a house, the wet cutter with a 300 mm diamond cutting disc is useful for a number of tasks and saves additional working time.

2.4 Instructions

  • Use wet cutters for clean and precise cuts.
  • Clamp the diamond cutting disc in the cutting table.
  • Cut brick with water feed to minimize chipping.

2.5 Alternative to cutting - cutting roof tiles to size with a hammer and chisel (Forum Discussion)

Hammer and chisel as an alternative to cutting roof tiles and pantiles

Another method is to bring the bricks to the desired size with well-aimed blows. However, this method is not recommended due to possible micro-cracks.

2.6 Instructions

  • Bring bricks to the desired size with targeted blows.
  • Beware of possible micro-cracks with this method.

2.7 Cutting bricks with a foxtail saw

Cutting roof tiles with a foxtail saw is one of the most popular methods. Be sure to use the correct saw blade for the type of tile and repeat the process for any additional tiles you want to cut.

2.8 Instructions

  • Use a foxtail saw to cut roof tiles.
  • Select the correct saw blade for the type of roof tile.
  • Repeat the process for all other bricks.

2.9 Special case: Flexing roof tiles for solar systems

Flex roof tiles for solar installation with angle grinder and diamond cutting disc

When installing solar modules, roof hooks often have to be mounted. To do this, a recess is cut into the roof tile. It is particularly important to follow the safety instructions and make the cuts on the ground.

The same goes for cutting bitumen . Only cut on the roof if safety is guaranteed.


  • Cut a recess in the roof tile for roof hook installation.
  • Observe safety instructions and make cuts on the ground.

3. Conclusion: Roof tiles can be cut in different ways. Suitable for beginners and professionals

Cutting roof tiles may seem complicated at first glance, but with the right instructions and the right tools, anyone can do it. Pay attention to the safety instructions and choose the appropriate method for the type of roof tile.

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4. FAQs - The most frequently asked questions about cutting or bending roof tiles and roof tiles

4.1 Can I cut roof tiles myself?

Yes, with the right instructions and tools, cutting roof tiles is doable for most people.

4.2 What methods are there to cut roof tiles?

There are several methods, including cutting with an angle grinder, wet cutter, hammer and chisel, or foxtail saw.

4.3 What safety precautions should I take when cutting?

When cutting roof tiles it is important to wear protective clothing for your eyes, face and hands and never make the cuts on the roof but on the ground.

4.4 Can I cut roof tiles for solar systems myself?

Cutting roof tiles for solar panel installation requires special care and should only be done on the ground to avoid potential hazards.

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