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Drilling granite stone: This is how it's done without impact and with the right drill bit

With a little patience, granite stone can be drilled relatively easily without damage

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 15 minutes.

Granite is a strong and durable natural stone that is used in many areas. Whether in house construction or gardening, granite is very popular due to its appearance and durability.

Granite stone can be used in many forms. Depending on the shape, this has a different purpose. The picture shows a granite stone as a step and a granite paving stone

However, drilling in granite can be challenging as it is very hard and requires a special approach.

In this article you will learn how to drill granite without impact and with the right drill bit.

1. Drill granite without impact

When drilling granite, you should never work with an impact drill, as this can damage the surface.

Granite stone was damaged while drilling a hole

To drill a clean hole, you need a diamond drill bit . This drill enables precise and gentle drilling without damaging the surface of the granite.

Before you start drilling, you should mark the spot where you want to drill the hole. You can use either a marker pen or tape for this. It is important that the spot is clearly visible so that you can drill the hole clean later.

Mark the drill hole correctly before drilling the granite stone - the craftsman marks the desired drill hole with masking tape and a pen

In order to drill a clean hole, you also need to ensure adequate cooling of the drill. You can simply add water to the drilling site or use a coolant. This will prevent the drill from overheating and becoming damaged.

Drilling a granite stone is very similar to drilling a hard tile. You can also read the Ultimate Tile Drilling Guide for more information.

Drilling granite rock is very similar to drilling hard tile

2. Drill granite column

Drilling a granite column requires a special approach. Here you have to pay attention to the size and shape of the column so that the drill hole later sits exactly.

Granite stone in the form of a granite column for the garden

First you should mark the spot where the hole should be drilled. A felt-tip pen or adhesive tape is again suitable for this.

You then have to pre-drill the hole with a small drill to determine the exact position of the hole. Make sure that the angle of the drill is correct and that the pre-drilling is done very slowly and carefully.

The granite stone should always be drilled if possible - the picture shows a craftsman drilling the desired drill hole

After preparing the hole, you can use a diamond drill to drill the actual hole. Sufficient cooling of the drill is also important here in order to obtain a clean and precise hole.

The Iynx Tools diamond drills for cordless screwdrivers or angle grinders have an integrated coolant (5mm - 14mm).

Product Image of Iynx Tools Granite Drill Bit (Diamond Drill Bits for Granite)

3. Which drill bit for granite?

When drilling granite and granite stone, you should under no circumstances use a conventional drill, as these wear out quickly and do not drill the drill hole exactly.

You need a special diamond drill bit to drill granite. This drill is specially designed for drilling in hard materials such as granite and enables precise and clean drilling.

Banner image for buying a drill for granite

Also important is the diameter (drill head size), which should be matched to the hole to be drilled.

  • A drill with a diameter of 6 to 10 mm is suitable for small holes.

  • For larger holes, a drill with a diameter of 12 to 18 mm is recommended.

In the utmost urgency, you can try drilling the granite stone with a good quality masonry drill bit .

The picture shows a stone drill that can be used as an alternative to the diamond drill in an emergency

4. Proper preparation for drilling the hole in granite.

Before you start drilling, you should make sure you have all the materials and tools you need on hand.

This includes:

  1. Diamond bits for granite

  2. Coolant or water to cool the drill

  3. Cordless screwdriver or angle grinder - depending on the mount of the granite drill

  4. spirit level and goggles


Remove any dirt or dust from the surface of the granite stone and mark the spot clearly. The more precisely you mark the spot, the more precise the subsequent drill hole will be.

Our experience shows that this process can be used for all types of natural stone.

5. The right technique is important when drilling granite.

When drilling granite stone, you should definitely pay attention to the right technique.

The rule of thumb is: never use an impact drill.

Granite stone drilling step-by-step instructions

  1. Insert the drill slowly and carefully and start drilling.

  2. Make sure that the drill is always held vertically and does not slip.

  3. Add coolant regularly, take breaks from drilling or immerse the drill in cold water to protect it from overheating.

  4. Don't drill too fast or with too much pressure. The recommended speed can be found on the packaging.

6. The right accessories

To make drilling in granite easier, there are various accessories that you can use.

  1. Centering aids - Make it easier to position the drill

  2. Masking tape - You can wrap masking tape around the drill shaft to mark the maximum depth.

    Wrap masking tape around the granite drill to determine the desired drilling depth

More guides for granite processing

7. Proper care of the drill

Regular care is essential to ensure that your diamond drill bit or granite drill bit lasts a long time and can always drill clean holes.

After each drilling operation, you should clean the drill thoroughly and remove any residual coolant. It is best to use warm water and a soft brush for this.

Granite drill is cleaned with a brush and water after drilling the granite stone

8. Security Precautions

When drilling in granite, you should always pay attention to the right safety precautions. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying rock particles and always use sufficient coolant to avoid overheating the drill.

Image of protective equipment such as goggles and more

9. Conclusion on granite stone drilling

Drilling in granite requires a special approach and the right tools. However, with a diamond bit, sufficient cooling and the right technique, you can also drill precise and clean holes in hard granite.

Make sure you prepare correctly and use the right accessories to make drilling easier and more precise. Regular maintenance of the drill and compliance with safety precautions are also very important.

Drilling granite stone - the most frequently asked questions

1. Can I also drill in granite with a normal drill bit?

No, a normal drill is not suitable for drilling in granite. For this you need a diamond drill with a high diamond concentration. Click here for our guide "How to drill granite correctly with the diamond drill bit: A guide."

    2. How can I make drilling in granite easier?

    You can use various accessories, such as centering aids or spacer rings, to make drilling in granite easier.

      3. Can I also drill granite with an impact drill?

      No, a hammer drill is not suitable for drilling in granite as it can damage the surface of the stone.

        4. How often do I need to cool the bit when drilling in granite?

        To get a clean and accurate hole, you should regularly pull the drill out of the hole and cool it. Depending on the size of the hole and the speed of drilling, you should do this every few seconds.

          5. How can I take care of my diamond drill?

          After each drilling operation, you should clean the drill thoroughly and remove any residual coolant. It is best to use warm water and a soft brush for this.

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