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Ratgeber Naturstein schneiden Vorschaubild. Auf dem Bild sieht man im Hintergrund wie Natursteine mit einer Flex geschnitten werden.

Cutting natural stone - All methods Flex, cutting table etc.

Natural stone processing is easier than you think. Learn all about the methods, tools and machines you need!

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: approx. 15 - 55 euros | Workload: approx. 20 minutes per meter

A natural stone staircase in the garden where the individual stone slabs were cut

Expensive machines are not required to process your natural stone.

Whether tiles, window sills or garden slabs - we will show you how you can save time and money.

1. Cutting natural stone - Which machine is the right one?

Angle grinders and wet cutting tables are the usual tools when working with natural stone.

Cutting stones - Different ways. cutting table or angle grinder

1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of the machines

A picture with thumbs up and thumbs down to show the advantages and disadvantages of cutting natural stone

1.2 Cutting natural stone with the angle grinder (flex):

  • Ideal for cutting curves
  • Perfect for shortening small natural stones

1.3 Cutting natural stone with the cutting table:

  • Best suited for a large number of natural stone tiles or slabs.

  • Also necessary for cutting large format natural stone slabs.

1.4 Cutting natural stone Flex - A guide

Natural stone can be cut similar to hard tile.

Depending on the hardness of the stone and the desired cut, a different stone cutting disc may be suitable for you.

Cutting natural stone with the angle grinder (Flex)

What machines and tools are recommended for cutting thick and thin natural stone?

natural stone type

type of processing

Recommended diamond blade

Natural stone slab over 2 cm


Turbo cutting disc

Natural stone slab over 2 cm


universal disc

natural stone tile

For the interior

Wet cutting disc for tiles

natural stone facing


Universal stone disc or turbo cutting disc

2. Step-by-step instructions for cutting natural stone with the Flex

Banner image Adviser stones flexen

  1. Step: Mount the stone diamond cutting disc 125 mm on the angle grinder - pay attention to the direction of rotation of the cutting disc. This is marked with two arrows and points in the cutting direction.

    Note the direction of rotation of the cutting disc.
  2. Place the natural stone tile or slab on a level, slightly elevated surface that allows the workpiece to protrude slightly.

  3. Transfer measurements - Transfer your measurements to the natural stone with a pencil or a washable marker

  4. Start cutting in the corner area and work your way along the raw edge. Please ensure that you immerse yourself in the natural stone at a medium rotational speed.

  5. If necessary, grind natural stone edges with a diamond grinding pad for fine finishing work or a diamond cup wheel for rough finishing work.

    2.1 Areas of application for cutting natural stone

    A table saw cutting stone with a stone cutting disc

    Natural stone is a versatile and popular material.

    Due to the high fields of application, we have summarized the most important tips & tricks for you.

    • Cut natural stone window sill:

      Cutting an already installed window sill made of natural stone is no problem with a suitable stone cutting disc for the Flex .

      Natural stone window sill cut application image

      Just mark the thickness of the window sill on the diamond wheel to avoid cutting into underlying material.

      After a few cuts, you can tap off the rest of the window sill with a hammer

    • Cutting natural stone bricks:

      Cutting a natural stone facing is similar to cutting porcelain stoneware (guide) .

      Natural stone facing brick cutting application image

      Cutting with a wet diamond cutting disc on a cutting table is recommended for the cleanest and most precise edge finishes.

      For curves, corners and cutouts, the Flex with a stone cutting disc is the best choice. You can find detailed instructions here.
    • Cut natural stone round:

      Cutting curves in natural stone is not difficult.

      This work is best done with an angle grinder.

      Transfer the necessary dimensions to the natural stone slab and cut along it. For clean edges, you can regrind them with a diamond grinding pad .

    • Cut natural stone mosaic :

      Natural stone can only be cut above a certain thickness. For tile mosaic that is to be cut, you can simply proceed as usual.

    • Cutting natural stone slabs:

      Natural stone slabs for the garden or terrace must be cut, especially in the corner area. Here is a suitable guide.

      Paving slab cut guide banner image with information

    3.How can I cut natural stone facing corners?

    With this table we would like to show you what we consider to be the best method for cutting natural stone facing corners.

    corner type



    Straight cuts

    cutting table
    angle grinder

    Cutting table + with wet cutting diamond disc

    curves cuts

    angle grinder

    Angle grinder + cutting disc for stone 125 mm

    Oblique cuts

    angle grinder

    Angle grinder + stone cutting disc for the Flex

    holes in the corner area

    Angle grinder, drill

    Angle grinder with diamond drill bit

    As a rule, you do not have to additionally plaster the corner areas of the natural stone facing bricks, as these are either put together with a miter cut or simply shortened to the desired size.

    Other helpful guides

    4. Have natural stone cut Costs

    An image of a handyman with a calculator calculating the cost of cutting natural stone

    You can negotiate the price for having natural stone cut when you buy it.

    Otherwise it is calculated in cutting meters or time. We estimate the costs at around 3 euros per cutting meter.

    4.1 Cutting natural stone yourself with a diamond cutting disc for stones

    A picture of a handyman taking a break from laying natural stone after cutting

    You can cut natural stone yourself at home with a suitable diamond disc. Depending on the machine, different diameters are possible for you. 

    Product image Stone cutting disc

    Here you will find our diamond discs for natural stone.

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