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Blog Steine Flexen Vorschaubild - Handwerker beim Stein flexen mit dem Winkelschleifer

Cutting stones Flex - 4 methods for cutting stones with the angle grinder

Cutting stones as a handyman

Cutting or flexing stones is the best alternative to a table saw

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 20 minutes

Stones of all kinds are used in many areas of the house and especially in the garden. In most cases, a flex (angle grinder) is sufficient to cut them. Stone flexing is not particularly difficult and can be done by almost anyone with a little practice.

Examples of use when flexing stones. It is shown how thick cobblestones are cut with it.

Stones are used as a building material and in landscape design. In many cases, however, these must first be cut in order to use them in the desired shape and size.

The most popular stone cutting tool is a stone cutting disc.

Stone garden path

Table of contents

1. You can cut these stone types with the Flex:

Stone types that can be flexed

1.1 Application examples where stones are flexed:

Flex stones with the angle grinder

2. For these reasons, the Flex with a 125mm blade is one of the most popular stone cutting machines

  • Quick to use

  • Uncomplicated application

  • Inexpensive tools that can flex stones round, mitred or just to measure.

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.

2.1 Other stone cutting methods:

Banner image Guide: Popular stone cutting methods

3. Instructions for cutting stones with the Flex:

Observe the direction of rotation of the stone cutting disc when cutting stones with the Flex (angle grinder).

  1. Step: Make sure the angle grinder is properly connected or charged. Pay attention to the correct attachment in the running direction of the stone cutting disc.

  2. Step 1: Place the stone on a stable, level surface and mark the cutting line with a scratch pen. Ideally, the stone protrudes slightly so as not to cut into the underlying material.

Leave the stone slightly overhanging when cutting stones with the flex so as not to cut into the ground

Step 3: Start the angle grinder and slowly guide it along the marked line. Make sure the blade is always in contact with the stone and keep a straight line of cut.

Step 4: Always hold the angle grinder securely with both hands. Use protective gear such as safety goggles and hearing protection to protect against spalling and noise.

Wear protective gear when cutting stones

Step 5: Once you have cut the stone, you can smooth the cut edges with a diamond abrasive or diamond cup wheel , or chamfer the edges.

Stein cutting disc for the Flex 125 mm

3. Pay attention to the cutting depth when flexing stones

Image of a table saw cutting stone with a diamond blade

If you want to cut thick stones , it is advisable to use a large angle grinder with a 230 mm diamond blade .

This larger blade allows you to make deeper cuts and make the cutting job easier.

The large flex has enough power to flex even very hard stones like granite.

Our tip: Alternatively, you can of course also cut your stones with a 115 mm or 125 mm flex diamond disc .

4. Is stone cutting allowed without water?

Of course, cutting stones without water is allowed as long as there is not a lot of dust . In the interior, the use of water is only possible with the help of a wet cutting table.

Outdoors, some water can be sprayed near the cutting point when cutting stones.

According to the Potrep construction machinery rental company, the wet cutter is the best option for uncomplicated cutting of stones with water.

5. Conclusion on the flexing of stones

Overall, the angle grinder is a useful tool for flexing stones. With the right preparation, the right tools, and the right safety precautions, you can safely and effectively flex stones to use in your projects.

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