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Granit schneiden Winkelschleifer (Flex) Bannerbild

Granite cutting angle grinders & flex - tiles or countertops

Cutting granite with the angle grinder is not difficult!

Difficulty: Medium | Costs for 2m²: approx. 20-50 euros | Workload for 2m²: approx. 30min-2hours

Granite is a popular material for various construction projects, like kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles or even patio tiles .

It is:

  • robust
  • durable
  • looks particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Granite slabs for further processing into kitchen or terrace slabs

However, cutting granite can be a challenge, especially if you don't have the right tools. This is where the angle grinder comes into play. In combination with a granite diamond cutting disc you can easily cut granite.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know to successfully cut granite with an angle grinder (flex).

1. Why is the angle grinder one of the best machines for cutting granite?

In our experience, the angle grinder is simply a great all-rounder. Equipped with the right diamond tools , it cuts, grinds or drills any hard material. So also granite slabs and tiles. It ensures a granite cut that is inexpensive in comparison.

Produktbild Granite diamond cutting disc with a diameter of 125 mm for the angle grinder

You most likely already own an angle grinder or you can probably borrow one from friends. On the other hand, it only requires a small 125 mm diamond cutting disc . Understandably, these are significantly cheaper than granite cutting discs for larger machines.

2. What types of granite can I cut with the angle grinder?

You can use it to cut any type of granite up to 4.5 cm thick.

These include:

  • Granite patio slab
  • Granite kitchen worktop
  • Granite tiles and granite floor tiles

Types of processed granite - granite tiles, granite countertops, granite patio tiles

3. Cut granite with an angle grinder

Cutting granite with an angle grinder requires a certain amount of experience and craftsmanship.

In our experience, granite behaves very similarly to porcelain stoneware when cut. If you have already gained experience with one of these materials, flexing the granite should not be a problem for you.


However, there are a few basic steps that can help you successfully cut granite.

Diamond cutting disc for the angle grinder when cutting

4. Step-by-step instructions

  1. Mark where you want to cut the granite with an erasable pen.

  2. Make sure to use an appropriate cutting wheel. This will usually be a 125 mm granite diamond cutting disc for the angle grinder.

  3. Mount the granite cutting disc securely on the angle grinder. We advise you to secure this with an M14 quick-release nut .

  4. Wear protective equipment: safety goggles, work gloves and hearing protection.

  5. Turn on the angle grinder and start cutting the granite along the mark. Guide the diamond cutting disc slowly and in a controlled manner to achieve a clean and straight cutting edge. Remember not to apply too much pressure and let the tool do the work

  6. When using a high-quality granite cutting disc, no cooling breaks are necessary. We cannot guarantee this for models from another provider. Cooling breaks are therefore recommended there.

  7. Check your cut edges. If necessary, you can sharpen them with 125 mm diamond grinding pads .

4.1 What do I have to consider when flexing granite?

Banner safety instructions when cutting granite

Cutting granite with an angle grinder involves certain risks. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Always wear safety goggles, gloves and hearing protection to protect against possible injury.
  • Make sure the diamond blade is rated for cutting granite.
  • Hold the angle grinder firmly and controlled to avoid slipping or snapping the tool. If available, you can mount the additional mountable handle for more stability.
  • Always switch off the angle grinder before changing the diamond cutting disc or putting the tool down.

4.2 More guides for granite processing

5. FAQ Cutting granite with the angle grinder

1. What types of granite can I cut with an angle grinder?

With an angle grinder and a diamond blade , you can cut almost any type of granite. These include tiles, terrace slabs, panels and kitchen worktops.

2. Why is the angle grinder one of the best machines for cutting granite?

The angle grinder is versatile and inexpensive, with a suitable diamond blade, it can effectively cut granite. For larger projects, the wet cutter is a better choice for you.

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