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Cutting Stone - The ultimate guide for your home or garden project

Cutting stones is not difficult or expensive. We'll show you all the methods.

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 30 minutes.

Stones are cut for a variety of reasons.

On the one hand stones can be used for the construction of:

  • houses
  • bridges
  • streets
  • Because of

and other buildings.

We will show you which devices you can use to cut stones easily and without any problems at home.

Stones installed as a garden path

In this case, the stones may need to be cut to specific sizes and shapes to fit into the structure.

Stones are also used in landscaping, with the stones being cut to be used as paving stones , stair treads, or otherwise.

Table of contents

1. Stone cutting machines and tools

Image of a stone saw with a stone cutting disc for cutting stone

There are many different machines and tools that can be used to cut stone.

We'll show you the different methods, but we won't go into detail about machines that aren't available to everyone, such as water jet cutting.

1.1 Which machines and tools do you have for cutting stones?

These are the most popular stone cutting machines:

2. What machine do I use to cut stones for what type of stone?

In order not to write an endlessly long article, we would like to introduce you to two tables that you can use to decide for yourself how to cut your stones to size.

With this table you can already determine up to which height you can cut the stone with your machine.

If necessary, you can turn the stone once, then the maximum cutting height increases by a factor of 2.


Maximum strength of the stone

cut type

Angle grinder 125mm

up to 6 cm thick

dry cut

Angle grinder 230mm

up to 12 cm thick

dry cut

Separating Hunter 300mm, 350mm

up to 17 cm thick

Dry cut, rarely wet

Cutting table 230mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm

up to a thickness of 22 cm

Dry and wet cutting

With the next table we would like to show you, based on our experience, what you can use to cut the most popular types of rock.

Flex 125mm - 350mm

Cutting table 230mm - 350mm

Dry or wet cutting





Ytong stones




natural stones




concrete blocks




lawn edges



Rather dry

granite stone

Rather not











masonry stone




sand-lime brick



Rather dry

3. Instructions for cutting stones with an angle grinder and flex.

Craftsmen cutting stones with the angle grinder

With these instructions, we will show you the best way to cut stones yourself without making a large investment. An angle grinder and a suitable diamond cutting disc are sufficient for this.

  1. Mount and secure the 125 mm diamond cutting disc
  2. Put on protective gear and place the material nearby.
  3. Mark the cutting edge and check whether the diamond cutting disc is sufficient for the height of the stone
  4. Start at the edge and slowly dip into the edge area with the diamond cutting disc
  5. Cut straight along the cutting line to the end until you have severed the stone. If the depth of your cut is not sufficient, you can easily turn the stone over.
  6. For breaking or grinding edges, we recommend a diamond grinding disc .

Iynx Tools Experience Tip: To protect your health from harmful construction dust, you can dampen the surface with some water or spray water around while cutting. You can find more tips on cutting dust-free stones here.

4. The most frequently asked questions about cutting stones

1. What type of stone is best for cutting?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the type of stone that is best for cutting depends on many factors including:

  • the project you want to carry out
  • the tools you have at your disposal
  • and your skills and experience in working with stone.

According to Steinmetz Ebi, softer stones such as limestone and sandstone are often easier to work with than harder stones such as granite or diamond.

2. What safety precautions should I take when cutting stone?

When cutting stone, you should always wear appropriate safety equipment, including safety goggles, gloves and hearing protection. It is also important to work in a well-ventilated area to minimize exposure to dust. You should also ensure that your tools are well maintained and used correctly.

3. How can I avoid mistakes when cutting stone?

One of the most common mistakes made when cutting stone is to use too much force and damage the stone. It is important to be patient and cut the stone slowly and carefully. In addition, careful planning and preparation is essential to avoid mistakes.

4. Can I cut each stone with the same tools?

No, not all stones can be cut with the same tools. Soft rock can often be cut with simple hand tools like a hammer and chisel, while hard rock requires harder tools like a diamond blade . It is important to research the requirements of the specific stone before beginning the project.

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